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species are just containers, we brainwaves are the real -
by  BBDoom
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are you the same person throughout your life?
by  BBDoom
Wanna know how high i am 👊
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surveillance makes us all famous!
cosmic coincidence conjurers
what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
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if we are living in a simulation of a simulation
My Favourite Question: 'What've you had for tea?'
my Spidey Sense feels that concentrates are carcinogenic
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Twitching 🙄
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Hack my brain
by  rajrodger
Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?
Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrum: "members of an advanced civilization with enormous computing power might decide to run simulations of their ancestors. They would probably have the ability to run many, many such simulations, to the point where the vast majority of minds would actually be artificial ones within such simulations, rather than the original ancestral minds. So simple statistics suggest it is much more likely that we are among the simulated minds."
I think we are but I still need to smoke.
thats where the cannabanoid pack comes in
Sorry if I'm late to this conversation... I just could NOT not reply to such an intriguing question.

Personally, I do not think we are in one. We think, feel, act based off our own choices - Decartes said it best: "I think, therefore I am".

Our universe - regardless if possibly only one amongst an incalculable sum in the omniverse - is complex, to say the least. There are rules and foundations so intricate which seemingly have no boundaries. Our universe expands at such a rate, that to keep such a simulation running would require far more energy than it gives back... Energy is not infinite, keep that in mind.

A civilisation capable of such a simulation would be nigh-omnipotent, capable of creating their own universes and would literally be revered as 'Godly'.

Even then, living in such a 'simulation' is no longer just living as slaves to your nigh-omnipotent architects; we have free will of thought and action, and therefore what may seem a simulation is actually our reality - we have no 'life' outside this one, if we are in a simulation.

It is far better to accept this as your reality, not through comfort nor apathy, than to spend whatever intellectual capacity one may have on breaking impossible-to-reach barriers.

Even knowing that you are in one, should that be the case, will not enlighten your life any further; if anything, it may motivate you to end your 'life' if for no reason but to 'escape' such a slavery.

Whatever the case, whether a simulation or not, and if you really are just a number in some universal scale, this is your home. You will not escape it, and even if you did would you really want to? We do not know what exists outside our universe, in the outer verse, never mind in a non-simulation...

There is no comparison between what is real and isn't, when all your 'life' has been but only one perspective and you shall live not knowing if there really is another side....

Focus on your reality and make it better, rather than trying to escape it. :)
All is revealed when you dose up on the dmt research chemical or plants/bark etc....and the people that have...know .... and those that do not partake in such chemicals or natural dmt, are still asking the questions. Simply put ... dmt shows you whats really going on. In my experience and understanding and many years navigating this 'life'. :)
Had a similar experience on LSD, the whole universe suddenly 'made sense'. Haven't been able to recreate it since, though the spirituality of shrooms always keeps one closer to reality.
It is an interesting thought that we are just a simulation.
And on a very basic level that is true, consciousness is more than we understand and if you believe the theory that energy is omnipotent then there is a good chance we chose to have our electrical energy trapped inside a decaying bag of water to experience this dimension,possibly one of the draw backs is we have to get our memories wiped or we go insane as we are not used to feelings,senses and emotions in our electrical energy form.
Yes i have had 3 Ayahuasca sessions with shaman back in the early 80`s and travelled to another realm entwined with this one,the question is was it real or all a hallucination,yes it is as bad as they say on the bowels.
But one thing for sure you never look at this reality the same again.
This is not real my friend…a simulation indeed. There is no such thing as YOU or I ☺️
Is very true and the science backs it up, the only question is can tech get that far, or will the "great filter" catch us first? I have a feeling they may be linked, and so the answer lies in the question.
Felt like that when covid came around, few months before was playing Plague Inc. Was definitely odd
Our favourite teacher has some interesting views on this - Greg Braden Missing Links
Life feels so scripted and ironic.
The Matrix was a creation -Dee's POV

the Matrix represented a cosmic framework that interconnected all aspects of existence. It was a multidimensional web that encompassed the spiritual, astral, and physical realms. According to Dee, this Matrix served as a conduit through which one could access hidden knowledge, communicate with celestial beings, and gain profound insights into the mysteries of the universe.

Dee believed that the Matrix contained a vast reservoir of information and secrets, waiting to be unveiled by those who possessed the wisdom and the means to tap into it. Through various mystical practices, such as scrying and angelic invocations, Dee sought to penetrate the layers of the Matrix and unlock its hidden treasures.
Good weed books
by  patience
governments take out smart contracts on people
If sword art online was a possibility would you do it?
jus sayin
Happy Monday 💨💨💨
doctor doc
Do Regional Molds Shape Culture?
by  weJamin
Seal was wrong, our craziness is our biggest threat to survival
best term for non-stoners?