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by  S12345
Concentrate vape
Does anyone have any concentrate vapes/portable dab rigs they want to offload at a reasonable price? 😀 I don’t want to spend 200+ on a tinymight/puffco. I did have the yocan cylo on order but I am hearing mixed reviews and it hasn’t even been dispatched due to Chinese new year so I’m tempted to cancel.
I've got a Linx Hypnos Zero you can have. I like it but I use the mighty for wax now. There's an unused mouthpiece. It's the original atomizer which works fine but you might get better performance if you replace it with a brand new one. Yours if you want if
I ended up grabbing a few bits from divine tribe but thank you for the offer mate much appreciated ❤️
don't suppose you've still got this
Coil King AIO recvapes £30 down to £27 is very good for the price
Thank you mate you might just have found me what I needed

It’s the big daddy of the AIO and at 58 with a heated dab tool I might just have to🫣
Thank you ❤️ this is why I love LB even when I’m not buying on here.
Excellent 😊 They were recommended to me on here so it's nice to return the favour.

I found the Lightning Pen was a little trickier to get to grips with and maintain than the CK but does produce a slightly cleaner tasting vapour. Normally both are on the desk if I'm having a session lol

I'd be interested to hear how you get on if you do get either one.
Got the lightning pen and it has changed the game for me I can now appreciate extracts soo much more. It is a bit of a ball ache to maintain but it’s replacing flower to an extent for me so wouldn’t say it’s anymore hassle. Personally the cup is a little bit small for me so I spoke to Matt at rec vapes about the DTV5 and ended up ordering that for bigger hits, will still keep the lightning pen when out and about, but with the right mod the V5 tank appears to be up there with full e rig setups, I just need to wait for my mod to arrive from France now 😀
Nice one! Yes the cup is tiny and loves to overflow. But it does a good job for the price.

The DTV5 was next on my list but I got stuck choosing the mod. We were looking at the vaporesso i think. Which mod did you go for?
I went for the pico 25 from Lepetitvapoteur in france, it seems to be the only sub £50 mod which you can flash with arctic fox, you need that to be able to see the 2 press auto fire to 60 seconds as the cup takes longer to heat up, also have to set the temp of the mod carefully using TCR mod, there are a load of tutorials on the divine tribe pages. Any mod which can be flashed with arctic fox or also the DNA chip mods will do the job. I will report back once the mod arrives and I have set everything up
That would be great, I must say it all sounds a bit complicated with TCR and mods and settings!
Well it is a bit crazy to set up but I’ve finally done it and connected it to a bubbler and honestly it’s hitting like the big puffco my mate has, amazing for the all in price.
Thanks for the tip off again changed the game for me lol
I was wondering where my cylo was as well! ordered a little while ago and still hasn’t been dispatched 😩

Was thinking about grabbing a yocan orbit in the meantime as it’s reasonably priced and looks like it does the job! Let me know if you stumble across anything else

Good luck finding something 😊👍
I am abit scared by anything yocan as if you look at al the reviews it’s all by people who were sent the product for free.
This post on a vape forum put me off and made me cancel, look at the coils after a few uses. Orbit has same reviews, apparently very good for a little while then breaks and clogs.

Guess I will be sticking to the carts for now 🥲
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