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sativa soft gel capsules, anyone?
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Best budget oz? $150-190
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vouched for/best edibles uk?
Looking to grab some edibles but the range seems so vast in price/quality and types of products. Would appreciate any reccomendations/personal experinces. Looking for both some chill/subtle edibles aswell as face melters for a rainy day. Sending love to all my biggas x
I have a very high tolerance (took 125mg on a whim yesterday afternoon and it was mildly trippy at one point, but barely touched me otherwise).

So from my point of view I keenly consider mg/$, and the best things I've found have been 500mg chocolate bars around the $25 mark. Elevated Eats does a good one, but it's out of stock, and Pistach too. You can dose more easily if you have a low tolerance (I envy you all!), or you can scoff half a bar and have an amazing sleep eventually like I have to.
Just one chunk does me! That’s 24 sessions in a Pistach bar! 🥳🥳🥳
I’ve tried some 10mg mimosa live resin edibles from the states on here. Lovely and chilled out. They do come from the us.

I’ve tried a bald eagle bakery one too I think d9 & rso….maybe 40mg…wiped me out nicely!
The Great Vape Company
Hello there,

I'm getting some decent reviews/feedback on these.

I've also got candied almonds and milkshake up for grabs too.
TGT got some Dank Gummies at a good price to try as a one off, $20 maybe? They treat me well, half trips me out, 1/3 is a nice buzz. Well worth a go
If you are a noob to edibles start low and don’t listen to the Machines! Seriously there is no benefit in too much when it comes to edibles. You will quickly understand your sweet point….
Eddy’s lollipops 🍭. Took these to the snooker earlier this year and didn’t see a single ball potted.

GVC’s cheeba chews. Had a couple before my flight recently. Was a bit wild in the airport
👍 9.8 for over 3 years on LB
For Face Melter, maybe Shroom of the Loom? I find that the quantity of THC MG is the right amount I want to have a crazy good time cause I got a bit of a high tolerance. 200MG is where I like to be. I really enjoyed the skulls which were 40MG a skull, only took half and it was quite powerful and had a great time. Might try their fudge in the future.

I would say try Eddy's Edibles because mostly all of his edibles are quite low in MG so that would be suited just for taking a small amount to relax. But it seems the page is gone, its only hashbar now.

Tried TGT one off gummies and they were okay, had a hectic time playing V Rising on them for around a hour and a bit then returned to normal.
Eddy's edibles is in the link

I am too much of a glutton to trust myself with edibles. They look too tasty.
Just have a look at our feedback, happy hunting.
Gassed (the vendor) has been by far the best edibles I have had to date. 100mg per sweet (depending on the sweet) and has a good variety to choose from. Definitely worth a try.
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WHATS THE BEST? dry herb vapouriser for those on a budget?