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Stanislav Petrov, The Cold War's Hero
On September 26, 1983, Stanislav Petrov was on duty in charge of an early warning radar system in a bunker near Moscow, when just past midnight he saw the radar screen showing a single missile inbound from the United States and headed toward the Soviet Union.

He decided it was an error and stopped the Armageddon that his superiors were ready to commence.
Watched the movie/documentary about this guy - with Kevin Kostner in it, I believe?

He was an unsung hero who lived a lousy life after he saved the world.

The next time I light a spliff, it will be in memory of Stanislav!
That was actually Vasili Arkhipov
Thats a helluva story too, how many Soviet soldiers saved the world?
Indeed, we might never know.

How many people actually think US won world war 2?
Hey Family,

We dont think many do, but some are taught at school that US and UK played a big role in WW2. From the factual points, Soviet Army has ended the war by going into Berlin and has announced that it won the War over Hitler. Meanwhile US were selling their IBM crypting machines including the beverages to Germans, UK had very close and good relationship with Hitler himself by visiting him in Germany.

Edward Duke of Windsor. He married Simpson in France on 3 June 1937, after her second divorce became final. Later that year, the couple toured Nazi Germany, which fed rumours that he was a Nazi sympathiser. He even sent a love letter to Hitler thanking him for the visit.

One key to this Anglo-German network is Charles Edward Duke of Coburg (1884-1954). In a Channel 4 programme on him in 2007, I called Coburg “a Nazi who got away with it”, but I had no idea about the magnitude of his crimes at the time.

Coburg was part of a wider group of go-betweens – private individuals who were used for secret negotiations by Hitler. My investigation into Coburg’s work sheds new and damning light on the Duke of Windsor, a relative and confidante of Coburg.

Coburg was a grandchild of Queen Victoria destined for a privileged and unspectacular life. But the experiences of World War I changed him. After Germany lost the war, he turned to the radical right. In the 1920s he got involved with a German terrorist group that tried to overthrow the democratically elected German Republic. Members of the group were involved in several political murders in the 1920s. Though he did not pull the trigger himself, Coburg funded these murders.

Included the link to youtube video which talks on book “Go-betweens for Hitler”, watch if you like history. :)

The problem of the Western countries is, we forget how much destruction we done to other nations and yet we have the tongue to tell the World how things need to be handled. Its always been the competition between Americans and Soviets and the only people to benefit of it is the ones who started it. We as normal human beings are just demographical numbers for them that means nothing , unless is unification and standing up as one voice without any colour or racial discrimination. They want us to discriminate one another and differentiate the colours and tribes because they know, its more of us than the small elite group and they would not stand a chance if all humanity united as one.

Peace and Respect
Hey Family

Defo need to build a Missile Joint in the name of this Stanislav Petrov dude! Long Life to Humanity!

Peace and Respect!
carl kabat walked the walk.
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