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Payment Processing Rates
What is usual response time?
23/5/23 alignment
by  Coltman88
My own experience (17/5/23)
Posting this for anyone who's debating using this place or for anyone who's experiencing any payment issues they need support with.

So last week amidst all the chaos I made a cockup with my Transaxe payment (which I am sure most of you will have noticed me flapping) and was asking for help. Despite all the network chaos that went on I can confirm I have had the money clear back 24 hours after having it confirmed as sorted and the process took a week in total.

I can understand frustrations from both sides but having had the experience of it now just goes to show how reliable this place is.

I just wanted to say thanks to Transaxe and everyone who has given me advice and support about this, I guess you don't learn if you don't have the experience but having done so it confirms this is the number 1 source to buy your product anywhere if you're just a consumer like myself

I'll be making a donation to the site as a show of appreciation.
Same here 💚LB
Green Avenger Weed
Transaxe consistently resolves any issues I encounter, demonstrating their dedication even when faced with challenging circumstances, particularly when LittleBiggy experiences downtime.
Good post and big up Transaxe. I’ve never lost out here
Hootie and the Blow Job
If every financial institution was like this we would live in a much better world.
Lb community no.1 trusted boy
Thanks for the follow up👍

Long live LB!❤️
That's good to hear! I had a similar issue where the transaction expired but to my surprise this morning, the payment has now gone through to the seller, so order on the way soon! I'd assumed I'd just get it refunded eventually and have to reorder, so all is good!
Good to hear mate. I was hoping for the same but obviously it didn't go that way. I never did hear back from the vendor of that order though which was a shame.
Did you open a dispute?
No, it wasn't a dispute mate. I must've opened an old browser and sent my payment to the wrong Transaxe.

My surprise at the non response from the vendor was because I'd left a message (prior to knowing what had happened) to see if it had updated his end and that I'd sent payment. Absolutely no ill wishes towards them (hence why I haven't named) I'm just a bit surprised I never got a single response.
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Payments from last week not comfirmed yet.
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Truly excellent service
transaxe maintains normal operations during lb interruptions
Adding payment address
noob help
Thank you!
Great service! Thanks!
by  Dk6973
Thank you
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