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all anx
by  all anx
What's declined more After Steve, Apple or Pixar?
anchor what?
airpods kill toy story 4
The last few “generations” of iPhone and the watch have been a shitty cash grab. A fucking x,Xr and xs releases not so long ago and now a fucking 11, 11 s and 11 pro released like what less than 2 years later with a new screen? Fuck you apple.
Definitely Apple. Shouldn't come as a surprise. It's happened before when the stockholders decided to get rid of him. All l remember about Tim Cook is the first time he addressed his U.S. employees in a theater the way Steve did when he brought out a new product. Instead of talking about future of the company he decided to come out of the closet. Who gives a shit! It has absolutely nothing to do with the company. Is it a surprise the watch has been a colossal failure when all he was concerned with is his sexual orientation? Steve would probably be happy that he's no longer alive to see what's happening to his pride and joy.
doc holiday
The Oscars have declined more than both.
The truth has been spoken
Interesting that both companies were built on high standards, proprietary technique and digestible innovation.
Popup Anarchy
and now they are both managing earnings in the least creative ways they can find
doc holiday
fuck you pixar weez got this
coding for steve
by  zeppomarx
Apple ships you a 79-pound iPhone repair kit to fix a 1.1-ounce battery
apple reduced to a lame tv company
by  coldspurs
How Apple overcame its culture of secrecy to create AirPods Pro
by  los
Culdawuldashoulda: the Iphone back button that Steve wanted.
Even The Apple Store is Going To Shit
5 stars on the app store and it stole his life savings
Is the Mac the Best Sequel in History?
by  joSef
Apple Glasses
by  bendia
Are Macs the Best Machine to Create VR content?
raul jewel
Mac Mini and Vive?
by  hotplay
mac innovation lags but you gotta see apple's pizza boxes
iPod is the wearable
by  bayou
Steve Wozniak AMA (
Yo iCloud I am NEVER going to login? Get it?
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