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not enough and its light beer, too much and it's acid. whats your story biggaz?
I don't think any acid I've ever taken (which is a lot tbh) has made me feel as insane, scared and physically fked up as having eaten too much cannabis! I'll never ever forget the first time I made a mistake with dosage. It was April 2002 (been smoking since 1994!), on a sunday night after having a few beers down my local. Went back to a mates and he'd cooked a whole ounce of hash into brownies, which got gobbled up. by about 8 of us, so yeh, presumably (and this is if it was all equal doses which it prob wasn't!) an 8th each...
Whoops. I stayed at my friends for a couple of hours and everything was fine, started giggling uncontrollably for a bit and then realised it was pretty late so i'd better get a taxi home to my parents house where I was staying as it was easter uni holidays. Taxi ride was fine, bit pissed and stoned, dropped other friends off, still fine. Got home and was really hungry so I made a sandwich and went up to bed. As soon as I took the first bite my mouth went dryer than the sahara and my throat closed up to the point where I had to spit it out cos I was gagging. Nothing made this feeling better, no amount of water or juice or anything. this situation had now made me feel super paranoid, and I started to feel what can only be described as a rocket taking off in my body. All my limbs were buzzing and shaking and twitching, my heart was going faster than I believed it ever had, my head was full of terrible thoughts. Naturally I believed I was having a heart attack. I sat on my parents toilet for about an hour trying to calm down but it was no good. After about 2-hours of this I decided I had to leave the house, maybe I could walk to the 24 hour garage and get something nice to drink. Only instead of going the way that the 24 was, in my madness I'd walked to a Ford dealership garage which obvs was shut and even if it wasn't they wouldn't have been able to sell me liquid! So i realised I'd done this and then freaked out more, which made my throat and mouth dry up to a whole new level of hell wretching and the only thing I could think to do to relieve this was pick leaves off a bush that had rainwater on and suck them. Then I called my then GF (who'd also had some of the brownies) and told her I thought I was dying and that I would be found by the side of the road in the morning and that i loved her! She just mumbled about just going home and I'd be OK but I was convinced by this point I was dying! Managed to get home somehow and just had to ride it out for hours (into the late monday morning!). I didn't eat weed again for years. Was so scary. I almost got to the same level of scariness again a couple of years ago when I misjudged the strength of some already vaped weed in some cookies I made, felt like my personality had split into two people...anyway, wasnt quite as bad as that awful fkin night in 2002!
I had to go home sick from school, we used to tuck into hash and honey sandwiches sometimes at lunchtime, I just laid on the desk in the chemistry lab loosing it 🙃 😅
Wow! 😳
“I thought I was having a heart attack”
This made me lol, this is me on Sativa strains generally 😂
Not an edible exactly - Bombay International Airport as it was named then, I had a 10 hour wait for my flight to the UK so thought it’d be a good idea to eat the last of my charas that I had bought in town so as not to have to bin it. I started tripping hard after an hour. Sat on the terminal floor with my bag for the next 8 hours glued to the spot too scared to move. Thought I was going blind at one point as the lights in the terminal were so dazzling. Then nearly called out to a soldier walking past with his gun to get me a medic as thought I was gonna collapse. The only thing that brought me round was a few cups of sweet chai from the chai man. Eventually managed to get on the flight home and got hammered on the free booze. Woke up in Heathrow thinking what the fuck was that? Even microdots never had that effect on me. Never eaten it in any form since. Still love me hash tho.
Chai man is usually the charas man too 😉
Not so wild but... I was certain edibles didn’t affect me so I decided to make some that would knock a horse over.

It worked, I passed out twice in one night from one 50g goodie.
The Great Vape Company
Well if you soak gummies in alcohol, they absorb the alcohol. So I decided to soak some THC gummies in vodka, they soaked in about a measure.

Man, they went down fast, like jello shots. I was feeling pretty good as I was getting drunk but once the weed kicked in 🤢

It was like alcohol poisoning and a whitey that kept egging each other on. I was smoking joints and drinking beers too, thinking I was pretty invincible.

I tried to hold back the vom but it came out of the sides of my mouth, two jets of hot jelly and bile on the carpet. I had to spend the next few hours hugging the loo, my shirt was drenched with sweat and that was the end of the night for me.

The cold tiles on the bathroom floor were the best thing 😅
Ooooh I do love a cold tile! 😍😉
The Khasi of Kalabar
my mum left my dad when I was 15 and moved in with her sister and my cousin. The next year I went to stay in school hols. Mum and her sister both worked full time. My cousin, who was a couple of years older than me, was a drummer in a band.

He had access to huge quantities of dope (this was around 1971/72). When he wasn't out at rehearsals me and him would sit around getting stoned.

One day he came back with a large score of squidgy brown hash. He suggested we eat it, something I'd never done before. We made of all things, bread and milk (full fat). Probably didn't know how to cook anything else!

We chowed down with the hash and then.....nothing happened. For a long time. I was disappointed until my mum and aunt got home from work when of course it hit. It hit BIG time. There followed one of those terrible situations where you are baked out of your gourd but the people you're interacting with can't know that. So you're spaced out while putting on a performance of what you think is "normal" behaviour. If my mum twigged she never said, but she must have thought I was acting well weird!

Was my worst experience until the time my dad came home early and I was tripping on acid. Jeez, one of the things I like about this site is the way it makes me remember stuff like that.
My god I feel so bad you went through that,I started feeling panicky just reading that! 😬😬
Totally get what you mean about "putting on a performance"
Trick is to act high all the time so when you actually are it wont be noticable 😂
Last year i had to go to Mexico with work and I decided to drop a couple of MJs shatter gummies. Unfortunately I dropped two x 50mg rather than the 25grams before I got on the plane. Had just got seated in economy when I started coming up fast and hard and then realised something was wrong. Luckily I managed to talk to one of the stewedess and paid for an upgrade to business before I turned into a jibbering wreck. I spent the whole flight under a blanket and 900 quid out of pocket for the upgrade. Never again edibles on a plane
Made some brownies last year that were pretty loaded shall we say. Anyway later that night I woke up thirsty so went to the kitchen for a drink. I spotted the brownies on the side and preceeded to tuck into em as if they were normal ones, demolished 3 of em and went back to bed. Few hours later I woke up to what I can say was the worst panic attack feeling ever!!!! Heart racing, sweating, short of breath. Kept telling myself to go back to sleep but everything went Batshit when I closed my eyes. Wont make that mistake ever again 🤯🤯🤯
When I was young my mates would come over to my house and hang out in mine and my brother's bedroom for evening bonging sessions. We would always have some music on the stereo, usually Pink Floyd, but this one night while stoned there was a knock on the door which made us a bit paranoid as we weren't expecting anyone. So we ignored it. Next thing a voice came through on the stereo speakers saying the lights are on but nobody's answering the door. When we heard this we all went into panic mode thinking it was a police raid and their radio commnuication had come through the stereo speakers somehow. The lad who's hash it was swallowed what was left of it, about an eighth, and flushed the mull down the toilet. He was proper green and puking up afterwards, lying on the bathroom floor not being able to move, but the funny thing was it wasn't the police but a taxi driver that had come to the wrong house 😆
1. Purple sunrise trip = bed fucking ate me

2. Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds or something like that = tripped so hard thought I was trapped in a coma from when I was in hospital living a vision. Went downstairs naked, blew nose on mums dress went back upstairs and played Xbox, I was 18 🫣

3. Canna butter cookies - put at least 2oz of my home grown chronic.baked into 6 cookies ate the lot in an hour.

Was zombie for 3 days straight and didn’t speak to missus as I was drooling in the corner only moving to get more snacks
Those HBW seeds are awesome
I gave some to a friend of a friend, couple hours later he was putting a cigarette out on his hand, we’re all like wtf dude are you ok, his response
“I needed to see if I was still real”
Awesome stuff
I was shocked at how potent they were for a legal high mate 🤯
Got one about me mammy. She doesn't drink. She doesn't smoke. She doesn't do drugs of any sort. Most mind altering thing you'll find wee Lizzy partaking in is a cup of tannins (that'll be a brew if you didn't know, I'm sure you did though). Her partner is quite the opposite. In particular Tam loves a good smoke.
One year for a holiday they decided to go to Amsterdam. Tam ordered a brownie. Tam then proceeded to go to the toilet, neglecting to inform Lizzy (who I must say is partial to a sweetie or two now and again) that this was no ordinary unassuming brownie. Tam presently returned from the toilet to a plate of crumbs. I exist now in equal parts. One part is so utterly grateful that I didn't see or hear (or smell, yes, you read that right) the ensuing chaos. The other part will regret forever that I didn't. From all I've heard from them both it was a night to remember (though my poor mother wishes she didn't). Personally I don't eat sister green, I'm too much of a shite bag to even try it. I'll stick with my vape, I've seen the devil enough times to last several lifetimes as it is 😜
Omg you cant keep us hanging like that
Spill the deetz!!
What happened to Miss Lizzy??
Edibles should be predictable and correctly dosed, then you know what your getting yourself in for!

We all love edibles, and even better love feeding them to our mates.

The best bet... Just start small and build from there.

Factor in how much food you have in your stomach and its easy to dose well and consistently.
I’ve once got carried away and made some cupcakes with a quarter of hash in each.

The first hour was fun, then I was begging for it to stop.

Tripped my balls off convinced I was going to die like you said. It was stronger than any psychedelic I’d taken but I think it was the anxiety about dying or having a heart attack that ramped it up!

The worst bit was my old housemate came home and helped himself to one without realising it was loaded!

I could hear him shuffling around in his room groaning so I knocked on the door and he just about managed to mumble you’re a c-word through the door! 🤣 He was frazzled!
Crikey after nailing a quarter back in the day…..I got knocked on my backside by 0.5g-1g tops last night?!

I’ve had a cold and not been able to smoke all week and though I would eat a bit to knock me out for a good nights sleep!

I crumbled up say 3 or so joints of leb hash melted it in butter on a spoon and stirred it into a yoghurt.

Felt super chilled after an hour.

Did another chunk of Pakistani hash melted in the same manner.

Felt pretty high, but mellow.

Crawled to bed and then kind of woke up at 2am and realised I was tripping out of my tiny mind.

Still frazzled at 8am. Kind of mellowed by lunch time. Still feeling pretty chilled now!

I’m not sure why it was quite so hard hitting? Don’t quite understand but it was pretty intense and long lasting!

Had loads to do this morning and had proper red eye. Shades on all day. 🤣
It’s the shades on a rainy day that give it away!😎😜
Tripping your balls off , I love that saying
That is not a story 😑
You can have the film rights.

Admittedly not the most exciting but I’d shared something about eating so much a few days ago and I was amazed how messed up I got from having so little.
2002. Grated a q of not great hash. Melted in butter for a bit and mixed in with yogurt. Split with my housemate. Disgusting.

Housemate went to bed. Got so mashed that I couldn't get up to change the DVD or music. Just sitting there for hours, bored out of my mind. I don't think I soiled myself thankfully.

Was stoned in a similar way for about 3 days.
A friends mum wanted to try an edible as she doesn’t smoke so she tried a corner of some cookies I made and was off her rocker for 4+ hours saying the room was spinning and uncontrollable laughter, which I found quite amusing.
I could eat many and not get close to that state you forget not everybody has a high tolerance🤣

She has never tried edibles since and I feel partially to blame that she had a ‘negative’ experience but she couldn’t of eaten more than 10mg at most so I’m not sure if they are for her anyway😅
Too much edibles and it feels like I’m straight up dying, have stayed away for a while lol 😂
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