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Weed hangover tips please
fucking kids birthday parties. you wind up insanely stoned to get through the shit and its work the next day.

get more stoned - i hear this coming and believe me i'm with you. beleive me.

But i want to learn anything else if it exists please.
Cold shower and a pint of water, maybe a coffee. After an hour or two of activity I normally feel back to normal anyways.
A nice sativa wake and bake with a coffee gets me set for another weeks grind mate 😂
joan wayne
Jimmy Boco
I love weed hangovers man, don’t really get them anymore unless I tank edibles. I love just floating around all morning, so never tried to get rid of it really. Although I recently tried these nootropic mushroom coffees and despite my skepticism they seem to be pretty effective, might help?
Your Natural Medicine
Cold shower and a lot of McDonalds Coke dont aske me why its just McDonalds coke always does the trick lol
McD's coke is thought to be the best tasting you can get, they get it in syrup form in big wheeled barrels, all the other drinks come in containers, in syrup form too.
The McD's syrup coca cola doesn't have any of the preservatives or any other nasties found in fizzy drinks these days. just the cola flavouring.(unlike that bought in shops)
Sry, bit of an expert on things McDonalds.😁❤️
The more you know 😂
CBD in any form it's cheaper to source distllate and make your own oil
Phase 1: exert a burst of energy quick, small exercise even if its 5 minutes.
Phase 2: Have a cold shower to make my self feel alive.
Phase 3: drink super juices like ginger shots that will shock the body and make your mind go else where.
The Pontiff of Piff
strong coffee and a shower usually sorts me out
What the hell. I quit drinking because of hangover, if I vape more are you telling me weed will also make me feel like shit now?
A heavy indica /indica hybrid will give you lethargy the day after for a while.
Lions mane mushroom capsules are a game changer. Clears your head and makes you feel focussed again after 30-60mins after taking.
Pint of water > short run > cold shower always sorts me out!
Have a fag in the morning or a few, if you don't like fags, neither do I , but 100% they work before work, drink loads of water and drink a good 1or 2 coffees, then prepare to need a shit lol, Lucozade orange also is winner, but having a fag in the morning will really straightens your consciousness up!
I only smoke weed in js but always got a wee packet of rolling backy. Me personally can experience some mad head rushes in the morning when having my morning roll up. 🤣👍🏻
Red Lebanese from hashishin does the trick for me , gives me a clear head in the morning & it’s high in cbd
Wipes the slate clean brother
I never really experience any hangover when I smoke. But concentrates make me groggy the next day and I don’t really care for it. So edibles and such are what give me those hangovers. I can smoke a big fatty before bed and wake up in 7 hours like nothing had ever happened lol
by  BBDoom
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