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by  kc4
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Weed hangover tips please
by  BBDoom
The creative high
You will have an urge to do something, but not 'get things done'.
The creative high brings the builder, the animator, the trick shot ace and the style point guru out from their slumber.
It's a comforting stone, won't let you sleep in the day tho, the world must be bettered in some way and you're the one to do it.
Everyone has a craft, something they do well that can be admired.
Just today as i was filming in dog park after a nasty morning before the smoke.
Hadn't my breakfast not even a drink of any kind when i was met with terrible obstacles getting my day started with the first coffee in system and the doggo walked.
Had to return home and at that point after 9am decided to just wait in for postie with my medicine.
1st class with some white runtz (i got the last of it : (
Never does it cease to inspire, unlike the glue strain that you 'get things done on', this one takes you to dreamworld where you get to enjoy and partake in God's great creation.
So after the smoke we start filming, with cheers from the nature lovers and butterfly catchers, back home to edit, upload then breakfast time.
I enjoy making vids, i've always had a hobby through life be it guitar, gaming, mining, whatever.
Damn sorry to see the white runtz run out from my regular, getting by on vapes and a little hash from couple vendors nowadays.
White runtz has hash terps going on too it's a very satisfying vape experience for sure, some vape terps are so out there you miss the actual taste of canna.
As you were.😌
If the White Runtz is Jack Kerouac's prolific stream of consciousness type high, the White gushers is Dylan's 'i'm a poet and i know it' type.
Both White's creative, however the Gushers is more heavy, whereas the Runtz kicks you into action.
I will try to find another White strain to test this theory, some White Fire would be nice, little Wifi OG, any white actually, no haze tho.
Dude now we are talking. Fire O.G is one of my favourite strains. One of my first purchases on here was some fire o.g badder off mj concentrates, man it gasolined me head to tow to say the least!
Before i arrived here aand was buying off onion i had some blackberry fire, i've never tripped so hard, neither even on shrooms.
Was a very quick trip but the most intense ever.
On that day i lost my best friend and i hadn't really slept, that morning i got a package, and that day i smoked hard (10 different strains through the mailbox) and had my best friend's Spirit pay me a few visits throughout the day then when i dozed off with the Fire strain, just before dozing off the trip happened, i seen my best friend in heaven.
Stay Blessed Finny!
Ah man Im sorry to hear that dude and Im sure your friend was blessed to have you as his besty you sound like a good gem dude. Stay blessed yourself man💚☄️
I'm wondering if many white strains have creative /inspired highs.
Gonna try white gushers resin next and see.
I've had many white strains in the past but wasn't so tuned in to effects then, was mostly appreciating and taking it all in.
by  spiceX1
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