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{trans humanism}
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A little biggy about the next step in human evolution.
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by  foster
Aubrey De Grey: Can We And Should We Give Ourselves Indefinite Youth? Oh Yes
phds mvp
by  phds mvp
Resurrecting the Dead From Outer Space
by  senorbean
A history and brief future of the human brain.
thom dorke
What is post-humanism?
Essentially, it's what humanity would become once a critical level of technological progress has been made, beyond which we can no longer be considered entirely "human."
It doesn't mean a world with no humans, it means a change in definition of what a human is.
and we think identity politics is bad now
Bud Wiser 53
There's a 1989 Japanese horror film called Tetsuo that ties in with this description. It's about a chap who starts grafting pieces of metal onto his body. Freaky fucked-up stuff.
I know it well! Great movie.
It's a bit vague if you ask me because it means *everything* that comes after us: AI, cyborgs, augmented humans and god knows what else. I prefer "trans-humanism" which implies people transcending the human body.
Post Humanism means information tech based evolution whereas transhumanism means the "everything"
Bud Wiser 53
If an individual has a cranial implant to reduce epileptic fits, have they entered a Post Humanist phase?
Transcending the human body?
I believe that this is called Death.
version 1 is a little more humble than that, but hell if you're into magnets
*When* is post humanism?
That's a lot like the question "When is the Singularity?" the moment that artificial intelligence passes humans'. A lot of people laughed at Kurzweil's predictions for this happening in the 2020s, but with all the progress in the last year and the exponential curve this is following he might be right.
It might be easier to say its coming than it's here. If you work as an uber driver or a stock trader you are already taking orders from an a.i. entity much smarter than you.
Bud Wiser 53
One word - Skynet.
goldman sucks
Post humanism hahah... maybe parasitism? As a species we are already doing it.
Btw. Im down only for analogue transhumanism in any case.
but brain-mix tapes are going to be a pain this way
what is analogue transhumanism?
In essence it is man being puppeted by Satan into trying to eradicate God. To replace God with a counterfeit. It is the attempt at justifying what was done in the Garden of Eden and fulfilling Satans promise that 'ye will be as Gods'.
I would argue we are already in a post-humanist world, and have been for some time, with the evolution of media, pointedly the internet, on group mentality, opinion and aligning of thought. All through intense, persistent and unrelenting social pressure, various political propagandas and essentially, marketing.

The coagulation of collective conscious intentions via the internet, dispersing opinion, values and philosophies, dispenses of the opinion forming skills of those exposed to it more and more as generations turn over. This has happened in stages since the introduction of the web and I believe can be prevalently seen in the west. In particular, in political states which lean more towards capitalism, as this effectively 'supercharges' the evolution of these mass influences.

We as humans are physically not really evolving any more, Darwinism isn't exactly hitting the spot for us, take a walk through any small town centre and I'm sure you'll find it hard to disagree (We do still hold the record as the best long distance land animal though if I'm not mistaken). We do however evolve behaviourally at an astronomical scale when compared to other species.

Whether the invocation of an effective 'hive mind' on our selves causes us to enter a state of 'post' humanism is open to debate of course, but i think on the Richter scale of change it scores rather high.

Much like me, I am also very high.
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