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Possible sleep disorder?
Hey guys hope everyone is having a fab weekend. I have this problem that I’ve had for many years but in the past year it has got very bad. As I’m drifting off to sleep I suddenly jump awake. It’s not a normal haptic jump,every muscle in my body stiffens and I wake gasping for breath. Sometimes this is just fright at being suddenly jerked awake but at times it does feel as though I can’t breathe. I tried to see my GP but only got a phone consultation as they didn’t deem it serious enough for a face to face. The GP prescribed sleeping pills, They have done Jack as falling asleep isn’t really the problem it’s being jerked awake. For reference I’m 5’9 and just over 12 stone and I’m an active person. Does anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace.
Maybe you have asthma, i developed it in my mid 30s, sounds like your describing something called shallow breathing but a step further, it's like you kinda forget to breath at times.
I've suffered this a few times it's pretty scary and i'm sure it has a name.
Many things can trigger asthma and lying down to go to sleep is one of them.
But to recap, indeed it's like your body loses the innate ability to just breath normal, to even breath at all.
I do well with my inhaler, it's the purple one with steroids.
Try looking into this phenomenon, a google search on 'forgetting to breath' or some such should point you in right direction.
It only happens this condition when sleeping or trying to get to sleep, as far as i know.
Thanks for the input mate. It’s really helpful and in depth. I never even thought of asthma. I had it as a kid but grew out of it in my teens. In my 40s now maybe it has returned? The experience is very frightening. Thanks again dude for being so helpful.
Look up Hypnic Jerks as that’s what it sound like, I had the experience multiple times and it’s horrific. If it is ap then losing body fat is known to help
Also never self diagnose, I do get gps can be dismissive.
I agree dude I’m deffo not going to self diagnose. I’m finding the GP very frustrating though at the moment. It’s impossible here to even get a face to face appointment. It’s a 2 minute phone call if you’re lucky. Privatisation by the back door me thinks? Sorry for going a bit off topic. The jumps are like hypnic jerks but to an extreme level were it feels like my whole body is seizing up. This can be up to 7-8 times a night. Thanks for your help mate it’s much appreciated.
You had the vaccines?
I have yes after I caught Covid and nearly died. I was an anti vax before that but yeah being on a ventilator for 10 days kinda changed my mind. I had the problem why before Covid anyways mate.
Could be apnea maybe be? Are you fatigued a lot of the time?
I thought of apnea myself dude. Can you suffer from it if you’re not overweight? I am fatigued mate but I’m putting that down to the amount of times my sleep is being disturbed.
Yes mate I have obstructive sleep apnea. I am 6"2 an d 14 stone 4, I work out 5 days a a week. I have a kink in and a narrow oesophagus. Mine starts even before I fall asleep! The NHS won't tell you this but weed definitely helps mine, i have been running a 30 year study!
Oh weed definitely helps it mate especially if I use RSO or edibles. Smoking helps but not as much unless I smoke a couple of giant bongs before bed. Last night was continuous for about 2 hours jump after jump. In the end I thought fuck it and stayed up the rest of the night. As you can probably appreciate dude they are very frightening. Thanks for help and advice my friend. Peace.
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