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Greetings and welcome to MJ Concentrates, where we offer a variety of authentic and effective products, including our own branded items and shatter sourced from across the Atlantic.

We kindly remind our customers to carefully review the terms and conditions of sale before making a purchase. Additionally, we request that postage fees are promptly paid to avoid any delays in receiving your items. As we do not currently provide a complimentary service, please select the 1st class option and utilize the extra item box to combine postage costs.

Our vape carts made with distillate and terpenes are still available and come in a diverse range of flavors. These feature the Liberty V5 dual wick cartridge. Additionally, our Canna chocolate remains a permanent fixture and will undoubtedly provide a mind-blowing experience.

Our goal is to offer products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. If you are interested in purchasing in bulk, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we can arrange a listing for you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

We strive to ensure prompt delivery of your purchases, typically within 1-3 business days within the UK. Thank you for considering MJ Concentrates for your needs
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Delve into the world of rich, hard toffee that melts smoothly on the tongue, reminiscent of the classic Werther's Original. Our Toffee Delight is infused with subtle hints of treacle, offering a depth of flavor that lingers and enchants.

Expertly crafted by professionals using an age-old commercial recipe, each bar promises not just an unforgettable taste but also a unique experience. Infused with 150mg of premium hybrid shatter, it's the perfect indulgence for those seeking a delectable treat with a hint of elevation.
150 Mg Toffee Bar - Hints of Treacle $16.00 BTC0.00059056
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Experience our exquisite candy drops, delicately sugar-glazed and expertly blended with top-tier hybrid shatter.

Every piece delivers a harmonious mix of sweetness and depth, promising a distinctive flavor journey.

**Current Flavors**: We're thrilled to offer five delightful flavors at the moment: strawberry, cherry, pineapple, watermelon, and grape. To keep things exciting, our flavor and color assortments may vary from time to time.

THC Content: Each drop is precisely measured to contain 8-10 mg THC.

**Flavor Insight**: Our lemon variant offers a gentle citrus touch, with the shatter's unique profile slightly more noticeable. Nonetheless, its overall flavor is delightful and distinctive.

Quality Commitment: Crafted with premium ingredients and meticulous attention for uniformity. Our treats are produced using a time-honored recipe, skilled artisans, and advanced equipment.
200 MG Lemon Drops $15.00 BTC0.00055365
200 MG Mixed Flavours $20.00 BTC0.0007382
5 Packs 5 X 200 mg Mixed Flavours $90.00 BTC0.0033219
10 Packs 10 x 200mg Mixed Flavours $165.00 BTC0.00609015
20 packs 20 X 200mg Mixed flavours $300.00 BTC0.011073
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Indulge in the heavenly delight of Cannabis-Infused Angel Delight.

This exquisite treat combines the classic flavors of Angel Delight with the euphoria of hybrid shatter, creating a match made in heaven.

Each packet contains 100 mg of THC, ensuring a delectable experience.

Crafted with premium ingredients, our Cannabis-Infused Angel Delight delivers a divine taste that's as heavenly as it looks. The infusion of hybrid shatter creates a harmonious blend of sweetness and cannabis goodness.

Enjoy the balanced effects of both indica and sativa strains with our hybrid shatter infusion. This versatile treat can be enjoyed straight from the packet (well almost, add milk) or incorporated into your favorite recipes, elevating your culinary experiences.

Please consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

More flavours will follow soon.
100 Mg Strawberry $12.00 BTC0.00044292
100 Mg Banana $12.00 BTC0.00044292
100 Mg Chocolate $12.00 BTC0.00044292
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MJ concentrates own branded THC cartridges.





If you purchase the cart and battery pack, send a message to let me know which colour battery and which strain of cart you would like. Or you can leave it to the gods and i'll send whichever I have most of.

If you take a huge hit, it may feel harsh on your throat and make you cough.

Personally, I use a 380mAh battery 2.7 - 3.3v

All I can do is recommend how I, personally, use this product. There is no BEST way or BEST battery its all down to how you like to enjoy it.

Each cartridge is a genuine Liberty V5 atomiser, with dual cotton wick, adjustable air holes and even a cap for your drip tip. The manufacturer states that the resistance on the coil is 1.6ohms. Perfect for this thicc oil.

These quality vape carts, contains no less than 450mg (90%) THC / 900mg (90%) THC

No PG,VG,PEG used in these products.

These are a great stealth option.

510 Thread CE3

0.5ml carts - 450mg
1ml carts - 900mg
***** NOTE; This batch of carts are in V6 carts not V5. This is only temporary. We will be back to the V5 ASAP. *****

Check quantity for availability.

Feel free to send a message if you want to double check.

New branding on the 1ml carts.
450 mg Ice Cream Cake - Indica $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 mg Bubblegum O.G - Hybrid $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 mg Tangerine Dream - Sativa $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 mg Nerdz - Hybrid $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 mg Black Cherry Soda - Hybrid $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 MG Strawberry Cheesecake - Hybrid $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 MG Biscotti - Hybrid $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 mg Super Sour Diesal $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 Mg Skywalker Og - Indica $35.00 BTC0.00129185
450 Mg Tropical Cookies - Sativa $35.00 BTC0.00129185
1 unit Amigo Battery & 0.5ml Vape $45.00 BTC0.00166095
5 Vapes Any 5 MJ Vapes $165.00 BTC0.00609015
10 Vapes 10 x 0.5ml Vape carts $300.00 BTC0.011073
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I have a lot flavours. Some won't be listed straight away. So if you choose 5 random flavours, some unlisted ones will be in these packs.

Back are the Matrix Extractions carts, fresh from Canada.
Flavours will be available as and when we can acquire them.

Made with pharma grade Canadian distillate and natural terepenes.
1 Ml Cherry pie hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml forbidden guava hybrid red $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml wedding cake indica red $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Cereal milk hybrid red $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Ekto kooler hybrid red $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Durban poison (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml SFV OG hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Cannaloupe Haze Sativa (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Carnberry Kush Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Blue Zkittles Indica (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Rockstar Indica (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Super Sour Diesel Sativa (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Biscotti Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Lemon Runtz Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Watermelon Zkittles Indica red $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Green Apple Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Sour Mango Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1 ml Geogia Pie Hybrid (red) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
5 ml Any 5 Matrix carts your choice $325.00 BTC0.01199575
5 ml 5 carts our choice/ random $325.00 BTC0.01199575
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Fresh in from California, we have this beautiful live resins/Rosins. Stinky and very sticky.

Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. This strain has given rise to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Sour Zkittlez is a Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Sour Diesel and Zkittlez. Customers say Sour Zkittlez effects make them feel uplifted, creative, and happy. Medical marijuana patients often choose Sour Zkittlez when dealing with symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and lack of appetite. The dominant terpene of this cannabis strain is limonene. Sour Zkittlez features an aroma and flavor profile of lime, lemon, and diesel.
1 Gram Northern lights $50.00 BTC0.0018455
1 Gram Sour Zkittlez live resin $50.00 BTC0.0018455
5 Grams Northern lights live resin $225.00 BTC0.00830475
5 Grams Sour Zkittlez live resin $225.00 BTC0.00830475
10 Grams Northern lights live resin $400.00 BTC0.014764
10 Grams Sour Zkittlez live resin $400.00 BTC0.014764
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Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by DNA Genetics. It is a cross between California Orange and an unknown Skunk hybrid strain. Tangie is inspired by Tangerine Dream, a popular Dutch strain in the '90s, and is considered a remake. What these two strains share in common is evident in the aromatic buds that smell of sweet, citrusy goodness. They are also both considered as two of the tastiest strains of all time.

Other than its alluring flavour, this strain is known for producing an uplifting and invigorating high. It is noted for providing energy without any lingering haziness. While it is incredibly popular with consumers, this strain also has some serious pedigree. Tangie has dominated numerous High Times Cannabis Cups, once winning 10 different awards over a 10-month period.

Tangie's effects are heavily influenced by its sativa genetics which includes an uplifting high. After consumption an invigorating and euphoric buzz is noticeable, helping to elevate mood and clear the head. Other cerebral effects that are present from the onset include an increase in energy, creativity and focus. This makes Tangie a social strain and one that is consumed for a wide range of activities.

While not the main feature of this strain, Tangie also has some subtle indica effects that become more apparent once the initial high tapers off. These mainly manifest as a nice and relaxing body high without any sluggishness. With its ability to boost energy, creativity and focus while maintaining mental clarity, Tangie is a popular strain for daytime or afternoon use.
1 Gram Tangie shatter $45.00 BTC0.00166095
5 Grams Tangie shatter $200.00 BTC0.007382
10 Grams Tangie shatter $385.00 BTC0.01421035
20 Grams Tangie shatter $730.00 BTC0.0269443
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THC-A Crystals (decarbed)


It's been a while since we had a brand new product and I'm happy to bring you a new style of THC cart.

These carts are all 1ml/1 gram and a bit cheaper than our distillate 0.5 carts but I feel just as good, especially at this price point.

I know this is a strange thing for us to do but our distillate range has a big following and we don't dare change that recipe :)

So, coming in 1ml carts in our usual flavours. They are made from Canadian THC crystals and terepenes, no other ingredients.

These carts are best used at 3 volts or higher.

Please bear with us we get some labels sorted, the label will say 0.5ml but the carts will be 1ml
1 1ml cart Black Cherry Soda Crystal cart $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml Super sour Crystal cart $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml Ice cream cookies $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml bubblegum og $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml Strawberry Diesel $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml Lemon and lime $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 Ml Mango kush $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 Ml Green crack $60.00 BTC0.0022146
1 1ml Crystal cart and amigo battery $75.00 BTC0.00276825
5 1ml cart Any 5 1ml crystal carts $275.00 BTC0.01015025
10 1 ml cart Any 10 crystal carts $500.00 BTC0.018455
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These decadent treats are made with Belgian chocolate which we infuse with high quality shatter:

Milk choc - Hybrid

Contains coconut oil.
100mg medicated chocolates.

When buying the untempered bars, you are agreeing to buy an imperfect product. Nothing wrong with the taste and strength, but they have imperfections in the aesthetics and texture. That is why they are reduced.
100 mg Milk Chocolate $12.00 BTC0.00044292
200 mg 1x Choc bar @200mg x 8 squares $22.00 BTC0.00081202
500 mg Milk Chocolate x 5 100mg bars $57.50 BTC0.00212233
5 200mg 5x Choc bars @ 200mg $100.00 BTC0.003691
10 100mg 10 x 100mg bars $105.00 BTC0.00387555
10 200mg 10 x choc @ 200mg $190.00 BTC0.0070129
20 100mg 20 x 100mg bars $200.00 BTC0.007382
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If you want to store these for an extended period, it would be better to put them in a paper bag (like a ye olde sweet shoppe bag). Letting your gummies breathe is important.

THC Gummies, made with gelatin.

Infused with hybrid shatter

These have a good shelf life, they won't turn into mush after a couple of weeks. During testing, I left some bears out for 6 weeks, they didn't degrade. They dehydrated slightly, reducing the overall size by a minuscule amount, but not the potency.

They do not like too much heat, so avoid transporting in pockets close to the body.

All packs will be mixed flavours.
250 mg Mixed Rounds x 10 @ 25mg $37.00 BTC0.00136567
500 MG 20x25mg Mixed Rounds (2 packs) $70.00 BTC0.0025837
1000 MG 40x25mg Mixed Rounds (4 packs) $130.00 BTC0.0047983
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Full spectrum CBD distillate
THC Distillate

These bottles contain 1000mg THC and 1000mg Full spectrum CBD. 1:1

Approx 200 drops per bottle (10ml in the bottle), so 1 drop will contain 5mg THC and 5 mg CBD.

To be taken under the tongue, best to let it sit for around 60 - 90 seconds before ingesting. Works well after a meal, absorption rates can increase by 4 times.

Comes in a glass bottle with glass pipette and has a tamper proof seal.
2000 mg Skywalker OG - Indica - MCT $70.00 BTC0.0025837
2000 MG Tropicana cookies-Sativa-MCT $70.00 BTC0.0025837
2000 Mg Hybrid - Gelato $70.00 BTC0.0025837
3 Bottles Any 3 bottles $195.00 BTC0.00719745
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Minimum THC 90%

Raw distillate, no terpenes added.

This can be eaten (already decarbed), dabbed, smeared on a smoking paper or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Very clean and giggly, I dabbed it using my dab straw, it was very hot and a took a big hit. It was intense for a few min, but settled nicely into a chatty high.

Comes in a handy syringe as this stuff is extra sticky, so try not to handle with your fingers. It is advisable to have a dab tool to hand, to wipe off the end of the syringe after dispensing it.
1 Ml/Gram Distillate - Unflavoured $45.00 BTC0.00166095
5 Ml Distillate syringes 1ml x 5 $200.00 BTC0.007382
10 Ml 10x 1ml syringes $390.00 BTC0.0143949
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Our original listing disappeared, so need to add a photo, but if you know already they are the same.
1 pack Salted caramel 50mg $7.00 BTC0.00025837
1 pack White choc 50mg $7.00 BTC0.00025837
1 pack Belgian choc 50mg $7.00 BTC0.00025837
1 pack Orange choc 50mg $7.00 BTC0.00025837
1 pack Mint 50mg $7.00 BTC0.00025837
1 pack Areo 100mg $14.00 BTC0.00051674
5 50mg 5x 50mg packs $32.50 BTC0.00119958
10 50mg 10 x 50mg packs $60.00 BTC0.0022146
5 100mg 5 x 100mg packs $65.00 BTC0.00239915
10 100mg 10 x 100mg packs $120.00 BTC0.0044292
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Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 82mm x 11.2mm

Internal battery capacity: 380mAh

Maximum output wattage: 10.0 watts

Three different voltage output levels which can be easily cycled through by clicking the fire button three times quickly.

Intuitive output status indicator light

Preheating functionality

Protections: short circuit, over charge, and over time

Charges via an included micro USB
Package Contents:

1x Amigo Max Preheat pen styled battery
1 Unit Amigo max battery $14.50 BTC0.0005352
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Tip jar. Please use this if you're short on your payment, for example, if your payment has only been partially paid or you miss out any postage.
5 dollah $5.00 BTC0.00018455
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10/10 Distilate Carts
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