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transaxe reference codes let you earn crypto whenever you share content on little biggy.
share reference code support and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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How does it work?
1 Just press "share" on any topic, person or item and you will get a link that you can share anywhere on the internet: on email, messaging or social nets.

2 Every new registrant landing here with your link earns you bitcoins - on every purchase they make here forever.

3 Come to and add a bitcoin address for us to send your earnings to (don't worry they gather until you do this). Look at your messages after you 1st press "share", we've sent you a direct link to your new transaxe account.

You'll be able to see every transaction that you made possible, including the public blockchain reference. It's completely auditable and despite the anonymity, it's the most transparent referral program on the internet.
I've wrote a step by step guide for those who are having difficulties to understand how this does work :P
Can anybody recommend a good place to share them to? I am a international finance director and I just can wrap my head around this!!! I just found a message from them from transaxe from a while ago about my reference code and I set an account up but now when I follow the link it brings me onto a register page but says I have already registered but there doesn't seem a way to log in.
social media, reddit, your contact list to name a few. you can share a post about economics, or a nice bit of hash depending on your audience.

the transaxe part is just about adding your btc address to collect the btc.

hope this helps.
In order to receive money from the referrals, the ones who clicked on with must also be registered on LB and you'll receive a small % of the paid price whenever they place an order.

It is not enough just to share a link and wait for someone to click on it...
so, you only get paid IF there's a transaction at the end of clicking on your shared link? What about if the user clicking is new to LB and then registers after clicking? The guide link you shared above is not opening for me... thanks!
I don't think this does work if someone clicks before registering, it depends about how the administrators have built this system.

About the guide, yeah, looks like someone has deleted it, idk why, maybe an admin could give more info...
registration anytime after landing works fine.
Thanks so much. I am on really strong painkillers atm nothing is very clear. I really appreciate your help
I'm so confused ? ?
Never though to add it as a weblink - lets see if i get the message. Thanks guys
nice one harry
I've tried a couple of shares but no instant message for transaxe account?
Not sure if it does make an impact but I usually add the URL I want to share as a weblink (in the box under where you write the comment). As I've done on this post :)
You learn something new everyday, just tried this n it worked. Nice1
You're better converting your link on a link shrotner website like Bit(dot)ly. Imo , it will prevent your refferal link being bypassed. If they see the website in the URL it can just be googled and your referral is missed.
Upton user 120
great tip
i cant even find "share" somebody please explain
still cant find the
word "share" anywhere
here it it appears after "comment" for instance
the only word i can see after comment is "edit" and that's after i've commented, the only other word i can click is "save"
got there in the end.!!!!!!! after weeks of banging my head against a wall and doubting my own sanity I have finally sussed out the elusive "share" link. Despite the advice from others I just couldn't see the word "share" anywhere, People even sent screenshots as examples but the word "share" just wasn't there on my screen . I had just about given up ,,,,,and then,,,,,,I turned off my "ad-blocker" that was running in the background and ,,,,,hey presto the word "SHARE" has now appeared if you are having the same problem try turning off ad-blocker..worked for me.
haha was great reading this thread.
Well, this has been quite the roller coaster read! I am reassured that other people are as baffled as me at times by the LB message boards. I think its the fact there are no dates on posts that confuses me the most. Anyway. Now I know that both parties need to be registered I will get registered even if it means that someone else benefits from me clicking their link. (if I have got that bit right at least?)
How much bitcoin per click? Cheers
Its a 1 % of gross on every transaction,

"You'll also see that every transaction that you introduce including the blockchain reference. "
Dr Cala
Here's a simplified guide on how referral codes work:
Checking to see if this works
And it does - fab . Thanks
transaxe support
Yes, they can go anywhere on the site or even leave the site and return and your introduction remains until they register.
How do I get a bit coin adreess and stay semi anonymous please buddy
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again basic math. we have lots of referrers over 5% and by nature they have a large volume of transactions. + 2 more
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