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reference code support
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transaxe reference codes let you earn crypto whenever you share content on little biggy.
share reference code support and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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How does it work?
reference code support
New Idea Thread
Share ideas and examples for using reference codes here
big Joshua
carnivals, just leave piles of cards in interesting places its actually a fun game. knotting hill carnival
Just post any of the contests or giveaways here :)
reference code support
This is a great idea please contact us with your reference token for a bump!
You can actually run the contest on social media itself.
reference code support
This is a great idea please contact us with your reference token for a bump!
- First and easiest is target irl people you know who smoke

- Post LB links on social media, don't be afraid (items, threads, reviews etc)

- Create social media accounts and direct followings to LB

- Distribute paraphernalia and leaflets with reference links embedded in QR codes etc

(Well done to anyone who collected a Weedologist lighter at any canna events!) 💚

If you are unsure where to direct people you could:

Generate your own code from my page and use that as a landing / create your own welcome page with posts and help / direct to a big well known shop who will support them / create a dynamic QR code so you can change the destination link and vary where you send people.

I would also welcome any fresh thoughts or ideas and hopefully we can keep growing this community together 💡
Any chance we can get a guide or chart that shows how many referrals you need to get to the next % increase?

1 referral per day = 1%
3 referrals per day = 2%
6 referrals per day = 3%

I've messaged you 3 times on 3 separate occasions about this but I never get a response

reference code support
We don't track referrals by day and have limited access to data in the current program. This does give us a chance to treat people individually though. We are always happy to look at an any individual's progress and help them grow. Generally speaking to make it to 5% your commissions should be in the $1,000s of revenue per month league.

The best way to get an increase in the meantime is the same way you have twice already: contribute ideas that help the program. This thread is a good place for anyone to do that.
Thankyou for the info
5th time recht
Sell access to littlebiggy:
most people would see this as more valuable than a medical license: no doctors, surveillance, and ratings on all the products.

If you sold a a login with your ref code embedded you would get an upfront payment and the referral code stream.
How do you go about doing that?


I would post to any community where users can verify its legit. I think that's the primary challenge, LB seems to good to be true.
A site like this should have time stamps on posts/threads ect & possible option to be paid in a staple coin would do wonders. I’m a relatively new vendor & the volatility Btc brings is hurting atm.
So, I've been thinking about the paraphernalia distribution and I came to a realisation about something in particular.

The lighter, and in particular the Clipper lighter (or, at a push, Swan) with its removable pokey bit, is a covetable commodity. It's easily lost/stolen/forgotten but it's most importantly also refillable. It could pass through many, many hands, most of them stoners, most of them curious about the chosen logo and QR code. Ever moving, potentially, is the Clipper, with people scanning its QR code out of curiosity, sitting around in beer gardens, parties, or just smoking with a mate.

Your QR code.

No-one refuses a free Clipper, and who can have too many lighters? The guy that steals this one will probably have too many, but will he scan it too...?

Print will wear off quickly, but vinyl wrap can be printed with whatever people want, even potentially vendor logos and QR codes, then they can be put on in bulk. Maybe include one with orders? Your market is out there. Niche country? Even better. Marketing that could be clicked on by dozens, all generating income for you through codes, or, maybe no-one clicks at all?
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