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How AI Sees The World
Vive le diference!
{web 3.0}
on  {web 3.0}
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The father of cannabis therapeutics is Irish
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New Idea Thread
You can actually run the contest on social media itself.
any fasting biggaz out there?
You wind up saving a lot of weed I find :)
species are just containers, we brainwaves are the real -
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Philip K Dick believed we were in a simulation
Yes and the best part is the odds. If it's possible to "simulate" a universe like this then it's possible to make a zillion copies. If that'…
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
I've always wondered about a time line where as Christians they see the immorality of slavery and we wind up with an industrial revolution a thousand …
proof borg
Contests need to be provably fair
I've been a mod on other sites and the thing is an open mic inevitably goes to shit. Idiots dominate because worthwhile folks get turned off so it met… + 4 more
biggaz breath hacks?
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Boo -- the lions fight back!!
Nominated for Termination 'Mrcaa_420'
really wish this guy could crusade a little cooler. i think he's right about the cali but he's a cunt.
Most Valuable Psycho Coder
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Looking for the best app to buy bitcoin
What's the best way to smoke Hash
I prefer eating it :)
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Same day dispatch
This would definitely be awesome
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