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doc holiday
does evolution hate rich people?
rich people reproduce less, so consistently that the richest countries have the slowest population growth. poor people have children much younger and more frequently, their countries are the most successful at reproduction.

the economic reasons are pretty well explored but that doesnt explain the evolutionary science. it seems to represent a conflict between human society and genetic reproduction.
Those with real wealth have large families.

The struggling middle classes awash with debt and both parents working full time jobs to give them that slightly nicer existence than those on benefits are the ones struggling to reproduce.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the squeezed middle class evaporate.
Boris Johnson looks like a little girl in that photo. Franklin D Roosevelt was dressed and raised as a girl in his early years.

All the alchemy and trans nonsense is something elites have been practising for years..

It's interesting that you include a photo of BJ in this topic because both he and his father are absolutely in favour of decreasing the population. Stanley Johnson has written tonnes of books about it - fiction and non-fiction. One of his books was even about a 'deadly virus' that decimates the population. It's not presience, it's planning. Both Johnsons are admirers of Indira Gandhi who force-sterilisied millions of indians. Here's an interesting article written by BoJo in the mid-noughties, from his own website:
It's a different evolutionary strategy - fewer children with greater chances. It's a continuation in the general trend that hominids have been on for the past several hundred thousand years - generally Humans have small "litters" that they invest more effort into than other mammals. The same as other great apes. Compare that to a dog or a cat..

Interestingly, in experiments with flies, if you delay their reproductive cycle, they have fewer infants that are longer lived...
Not sure, but all I know is that evolution is producing more poor people now and our technology is having diminishing returns from all that we invest in it. The daily wake up rush rush rush to the city, bigger this better that. More money , more power. The cycle of American western society. Drone like lower middle classes buying products continuously to pay the share holders of large corporations their dividends and profits. Then we are fed advertising 24/7 and one sided news channels/papers/social media that fits corporate agendas and profit…… that are owned by these exact people…….it’s a cycle that never ends.
poverty is very consistently decreasing
I'd argue that that was culture rather than evolution. But you could also argue that the two are inextricably linked.
The metrics for wealth are skewed in favour of consumerism. The UK has a lot of wealth generation tied up in housing instead of things like having a 401k. This leads to a large chunk of the population not wanting cheaper houses as it will negatively affect things like their retirement.

So people can afford things like TV's etc. but cannot afford housing and electricity in winter. People are told they are richer compared to the previous generation, but the quality of life can be much lower if they have kids. If you really want to know what it is like for the 'rich people' go to MumsNet where people can afford multiple children going to St Paul's where each of their kids costs 10,000 a term, and they speak about it like pocket change.

All wealth is generated from conversion, we like to use the term creation as that doesn't have the negative connotations that conversion has. In a conversion, there was something, and now there is something else. What was there is likely no longer there forever with the shit rolling down hill to people we are never aware of. Coltan and Sony's 'Playstation war' is a good example of the bollocks we help create.

It may seem I am anti-capilist, I am not, I just view it as lizard brained. It is not an invisible hand of the market, it is an invisible claw of the market. The use of hand is an anthropomorphism. The market has no conscience. It just consumes. Including consuming you and your children.

Personally, I think the spread of knowledge is more important than the continuance of genetics. You need enough people alive to keep forward momentum. We are also more aware of the fuckery people do in our name due to our internet. Historically we could do shit like manifest destiny as people could be convinced they were more deserving.

Unless we solve the issue of the universe will suffer a heat death, there is going to be a last generation some time. There needs to be people to perceive western culture for it to have any value. Western culture is not really dieing, in London at least within 1 generation the kids are usually acclimatized. London is a range of attitudes, the UK is a range of attitudes.

Poor countries have lots of kids as it increases the chances of future wealth. For example, help for free in a family business. Happiness is something that maybe a later generation is allowed.

As I say available better education is the key for all children, even though some people think giving girls worse education will solve the breeding problem. More badly educated people, more meat puppets to extract wealth from. When shit goes sideways make sure you have enough wealth to bolt somewhere. Lizard brain.

Animals are driven mostly by genetic continuance, we can do better.
Rich countries have birth rates so low that their economic time bombs will destroy their wealth….

Poor countries have such an excess of youth that they struggle to even feed them…

A problem beyond our comprehension….
I think rich people hate evolution...

Look at their gene pool... keep it in the family much..
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