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The TGT Anti BTC Fee SALE & 28G Monthly Giveaway
Nice touches lads, hoping to get another order in soon. $36,227 20/11 17:35 Cheers
Human Traffic (The Film)
Niiiiccccceeee ooonnnneeeee brrruuuvvvvaaaa + 4 more
Tried a new vendor ...
Good write up mate, mainly good to hear the stealth is up to par, good strains on the menu as well
Good to see you back mate. Had some of your zkittles the first time round, lovely smoke and good communication. Hopefully back for the long haul.
TheHashCollective have just answered the call
First order feelings..
Quick note generally it would be recommended not to track your package unless you need to. You've got a digital footprint there and will reduce any pl… + 2 more
🎅Christmas Treats🔥 @Eddys
Fire once more..
on  Shananda
These bloody network fees!!!
People been screaming for LTC as a bare minimum for best part of 2 years. btc just far too unstable to be the sole option, and reduced traffic here be…