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Is Bill Gates Getting Blackmailed?
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on  [music]
Welcome To London
bigg ass up
Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
suisse ms is the way to go
reference code payments restored
Thanks for keeping my bitcoin stuck it's almost doubled since my last payment in November!
on  [music]
Hip Hop is alive!
yo chuck
some wonderwall lift tickets
i notice that reviews with pics get tonnes more respect from the wall than symping a few lines
on  blockhead
we are building a stable coin alternative to btc
usdt solana has been around for a while, stable and smallest fees around
on  {gaming}
Best Star Wars Game of All Time?
for oculus it's gotta be vader immortal, episodes 1 and 3
Video reviews
make it a rap battle between sellers!
Lol Damm it
dont send it, your payment will be accepted if its a triviial amount
Capitalism: what alternatives haven't we tried?
started topic + 2 more