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Blockchain help
Ok any advice appreciated, so about 2 weeks ago I transferred £60 to my wallet, like I do every other month, blockchain emailed me asking if I use a vpn, I don't. So they have locked my account and now want 3 months of bank statements, proof of funds and proof of wealth. Is this normal for a £60 transaction? I really don't want give them all my info, thinking it might be better to cut my loses and try to get bitcoin elsewhere. Any recommendations? I'm out of pot, I use it for pain, and really fed up now lol thanks for any advice in advance.
Probably be quicker to switch….
Yea that's what I was thinking, I asked them to clarify why my account was locked but they didn't answer my question, was just curious as my deposits are small. And weird they asked about my location, the money I sent to my wallet is in review and I doubt I will get it back, just a hassle I could do without
Gunga Din
Either comply or move to a different exchange and send via a personal wallet. IMHO.
by  Saxo83
Royal mail 1st class 14/12/20
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{buy help}
16/3/23 - Slow confirmations
Thanks for the heads up, i thought i did something wrong. I sent bitcoin at 11:30 am and still waiting, hopefully my order will be sent tomorrow.
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Salvia Divinorum from within the UK!
Wow you just gave me flashbacks to my salvia days, lol good times.
on  cnrb
No Arrival
How long should first class take, I have been waiting nine days for 1 order. And I'm all out, dying for a smoke lol
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