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Northern Organics are back. A true homestead operation offering the absolute finest in organic produce.

All of our products are made with our own fully organic cannabis.

We offer low dose cannacaps (10mg) in strain specific drops and are fantastic for the medical users looking for a fine tuned approach to medicating.

Our legendary brownies are also back and have to be tasted to be believed, knockout too!

We will also be dropping the occasional flower of our beautiful organic artisanal smoke in the coming months.

Cut-off 8pm for next day dispatch. Free First Class Post. UK only, including NI.

Great to be back. Big love. N.O.
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Here we have our delicious and (almost?) legendary brownies. Made with organic ingredients and our own finest organic cannabis.

They are baked to perfection and include caramel nibbles and white chocolate additions. A taste sensation some might say.

Each brownie has approximately 75mg of THC and provides a solid hit, or can easily be cut down into smaller bitesize chunks/doses.

The current batch are made using an absolute classic OG strain and a personal favourite for the super relaxing high. These are made with Mephisto Genetics banging SKYWALKER. An warming winter INDICA high from this strain, perfect for a cold evening in! Get them whilst they last!

Free Post! Cut off 8pm for next day dispatch.

Cheers All x
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We are pleased to be able to bring something a little different to the table with this one. Here we have some organically grown, pure CBD flower. This is a cup winning strain - Charlotte's Angel by Dutch Passion. Once opened up this one has a really traditional and nostalgic terp profile, very sativa leaning in both smell, taste and effect, albeit without the head-fuck. Quite the opposite. This is pure medicine, great for a variety of issues but also really good added to it's THC sister. Blazing this with your usual bud really brings out a different effect and can amplify the good and negate the bad. Highly recommended strategy. The bud structure is sativa leaning and whilst not airy, they are not dense indica nugs by any stretch. This is not like the hemp cbd flower many may have bought online. Bag appeal isn't top shelf but by no means a bag of wank either, just a little different, but this is reflected in the price. We will only be shipping in the large letter boxes on this one so may be some slight compression to bigger buds, but they won't be at vac sealed level of squashed. We highly recommend giving this a go, see how you like it on it's own and see how you like it mixed up with your thc bud.
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Here we have our 10mg cannacaps for the perfectly fine tuned high. These are perfect for careful dosing. They are made with our own organic cannabis and infused with Hemp Oil to provide a clean oil in an easy to swallow capsule. These have always been really popular and will be coming through in a variety of strains. The current batch offer a SATIVA high and were made with Mephisto's amazing FUGUE STATE, prepare to be high as a fucking kite on these. Enjoy
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10/10 Northern Organics BLACK FRIDAY DEALS
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10/10 Northern Organics BLACK FRIDAY DEALS
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10/10 Organic Cannacaps 10mg FREE POST
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9/10 Northern Organics BLACK FRIDAY DEALS
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10/10 Northern Organics BLACK FRIDAY DEALS
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10/10 Organic Cannacaps 10mg FREE POST
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