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You seem to be a bit of a bumhole
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WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
You'd be far better off talking to the guy's doctors than tossing money about on the internet!! Seriously!!
how 2 control kids use of little biggy
As I say,you don't have teenage offspring,do you? My 13 year old daughter can go through a Parental control faster than I can set them and yes, when i… + 3 more
are you the same person throughout your life?
Theseus's ship,anyone??
on  [music]
The Last Rock Band?
on  [history]
1 sentence sums up history
I prefer Alan Bennett's classic quote in the history boys " History- it's one thing after a fucking other"!
Philip K Dick believed we were in a simulation
Thinking your Jesus is pretty common in career speed freaks like Dick. P.S. The above is an observation not criticism.of Dick whom I totally dig.
Nuclear Weapons
"Now I am death,the destroyer of worlds" hindu scripture with which Oppenheimer opened his senate testimony
phds mvp
on  phds mvp
Game Theory Ain't Life
Of course it isnt-life is far too chaotic not to mention situational and subjective that any logical theory falls short and that includes game theory.
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Prepping for the coming months
If things go badly pear shaped the dead will be by the lucky ones. + 2 more
What Brought You To Biggy?
Initially research. I was writing a piece on changes in drug markets and obviously this lead to the dark web. Then I heard about this weird clearnet s… + 3 more