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web3 onboarding is like waterboarding
The crypto-communists behind the Web3 revolution
by  since71
Digital Scarcity: Artificial or a Creators Right?
by  litttleL
Peer Tube
by  brakefast
Go Ahead and Hate
There's a lot of smart people that bet a de-centralised world fucks this one up. It's proven for finance but that's just the bottom shelf. It threatens corporate presidents as much as national ones, that's its nature.

Like anything else there's a lot of healthy criticism. The start of every boom is littered with despicable excess but few tech waves hold the potential of changing the existing power structures like this, an existentially post-national world.

So expect crucifixion before web 3 crosses the finish line.
Elton Morrison an MIT scientist from The Manhattan Project wrote about this phenomena in the 1950s. He said technology adoption goes through three phases:

In the the first phase it's ignored - like NFTs which no one paid attention to for years.
In the second phase all shortcomings obsessed over like web 3 now (this is mostly valid feedback and the tech absorbs it). In the 3rd phase it's war and the powers that will be disrupted step up, like the government fighting cryptocurrency now.
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The 4th phase is surrender on both sides, gov eases out, crypto sells out.
government pumps the fuck in before it eases out though. if you think they fuck with crypto currency what do you think they'll do with a network that professes to replace them?

betting on web 3 infrastructure is betting on ethereum (or worse), a bunch of well intentioned but fully doxed and very compliant leaders.
joan wayne
really good point
by  kc4
Jaron Lanier's Data Dignity (video)
by  daoDid
Herman Narula defines Metaverse
A savings account that pays in lottery tickets
by  kc4
MetaMask and OpenSea blocking Venezuela and Iranian Users
by  Tenpester
The Greatest Tech Prophet Knows Crypto Is It
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