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Merry Xmas Biggaz
Loving the Xmas freebies
New to shrooms. Where to start?
Best shake
Sending love to the vendors
Awesome Shake
Takes me back
Easing of lockdown restrictions
What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
Best things to watch while stoned
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on  {rap}
Best Romantic Rap Song?
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
Discovery closely followed by enterprise
Bacio Gelato is a beauty
started topic + 2 more
Yup I just paid £15 on a £40 order
Ndd with tracking?
The spacemen are great. Just placed my third order with them :)
on  S12345
Sending BTC direct from KYC crypto account
I always send direct to the vendor. I don’t send to a wallet first. I have 50+ buys.