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Best weed strain you’ve ever smoked?
by  Kdawglfc
Portable extraction unit for smoking
What was your favourite age?
(High thoughts)
When you look back in time, what year is the one year you would go back to in your life and happily relive again ?
How old were you? What are some of the best memories? I think my second year of university was an unforgettable year 😂 I definitely took it for granted and would love to go back
The Pontiff of Piff
The time period after my GCSE's. Innocent but not so innocent. No responsibilities except selling weed, chasing girls and playing football
Exactly this lol I can never forget that year, GSCE finish early so nice long summer, completely free doing the stuff you mentioned
The "stoned" age 😋💭💭💭
Brilliant :)
Bronze age
yeah but then the skin cancer age
Honestly? Probably like 2 years ago when my current relationship was the best thing ever. It's rough now and I would give anything to have that back
16, one year before the last year of high school. Living in Switzerland during summer, eating mushroom chocolates, hitting bongs of Swiss Dank, swimming in Bodensea and being lost beyond belief. Ahh, the Swiss dream... :)
Late 90s
When I was 12, I had a 10 week break between going to middle school and secondary.

I lived on a new estate still being built among the woods, so there was plenty of material laying about for building dens, and plenty of unfinished buildings to climb on or mess about in.

We built fires and cooked sausages, drank the odd beer, smoked the odd fag and handed around dirty magazines. We genuinely thought we were the shit 😂.

The dens never lasted long as they either got pulled down by locals or rival kids, but that was all part of the fun. I even managed my first kiss and fondle that summer.
Now…the past is the past,I’ll always enjoy life now,know matter what’s happening even though I’m early fifties 😄
Me too I just turned 51 on Sunday. Sending love x
Yeah me too 51👍
Keep well mate.
I thought I was 27 for 3 years - woke up on my 30th birthday and was completely ok with that. Just didn't fancy 28 & 29 that's all 🙄
Hey Family,

Would definitely repeat years between 20-25, probably been the most naughtiest would happily repeat it again :)).

Peace and Respect
16. No doubt. 1996. Just finished my GCSE’s. Was in the 1st 11 school football team and we’d won the Surrey cup. Had a beautiful girlfriend who was that teenage first love. Brilliant football summer with Euro 96, (Sheringham, shearer and Gazza). Being British felt awesome (not like it does now). Amazing music. Massive oasis fan and knebworth was about to happen. All my mates together with their girlfriends. Drinking, smoking fags and soap bar ;) Had got into rave and hardcore and went to lots of little rave house parties. Absolutely magical. It’s my absolute happy golden place.
1995 young free single and no children. Going to the Arches and sub club,my weekend started on a Thursday and finished on a Sunday afternoon.Dancing for hours on end not a care in the world.Good memories of crazy weekends Always saying never again but always back out Thursday night
The minute I grew up and found out the cruelty of the real world was the minute the fun stopped.

I know that sounds heavy and I always answer these types of questions like this, I got diagnosed as Diabetic when I was 11, mum died , up until I was 17 my dad and me were bumping heads and I hated it (not linked to my mum I was adopted my birth mum died) I had times after where good stuff happened but I feel like I got dragged through maturity quickly because loads of stuff went to shit because of bad luck In life, my dad used to get pissed and just rent every night about needing to grow up and make money, came in the night before my 13th birthday bladdered and went “you’ve got copied video games for your birthday you’re a man now so do you need to do silly birthdays ?” And it went on from there.

Struggled hard as a kid, was very clever but could NOT wrap my head around things and did what I could, got to uni after winging it for years and failed miserably, went from hated job to hated job and here I am now at 31.

Got my own mortgage , beautiful amazing wife and a baby due in 3 months but I’ve had a wall in front of me for so many things for years that I’ve never been able to explain or get past, the depression for the last 12 years where no treatment, meds or CBT has helped has made me so cynical, jaded and overall angry and disappointed with myself.

I looked at a diagnosis for ADHD in my early 20s and got dismissed as a young man after Ritalin and after 11 YEARS on the NHS register with nothing and 4 on two private lists I was finally diagnosed 2 months ago and started medication ten days ago.

Decided to tell my dad about it last night he linked a daily Mail article saying it’s a myth so I spent two hours disproving everything that article said and he basically just said “You’re fine as you are you’re just anxious “ I’m not anxious.

So the meds are supposed to be working now but you can’t mix it with other stimulants like coffee and I drink about 4 pints of coffee or energy drinks a day to stay awake, same for weed apparently conflicts with the tablets which I smoke daily and alcohol (drink when I get the chance to feel chill).

So even though I’m on meds and titration to see what dose works for me I’m drinking on holiday, was assigned them maybe last Monday? Had to get my Bichon put down on Tuesday he had kidney failure and it came out of nowhere and because he was so silly and daft still it broke my heart to watch the life leave his eyes even if it was the right thing to do, so I’ve got grief, depression and drinking all on at the go when I’m meant to be seeing if these tablets stop me losing my temper at the smallest change.

Sorry for ranting, this wasn’t even the question I’ve just listed off everything wrong with life. Just needed to get it off my chest it’s been brutal lately.

My answer though, probably 17 to early 20s. First time getting my feet out into the world, I was a little geek until I was about 15 until I started coming out of my shell and really capitalised on that from 17 haha tried a lot of new things did a lot of new stuff but ultimately I wouldn’t relive any of it, just trying to do my best now for the sake of my soon to be daughter and don’t want to be freaking out because I can’t handle her crying so meds it is.

It’s funny, they were only really prescribed at this crucial point because if I hadn’t had meds at this point (been getting told for 6 months it’s a few weeks away) my fear of not being equipped to be a man let alone a dad would have probably been causing me to have a mental breakdown at this point.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m asking for pity, I’m not I’ve survived this long and will keep surviving but I think all your choices in life have clearly led us to where we are now, and even though I’d love to be back getting a blowjob and a stripe and feeling like I’d finally gotten free, the lessons I’ve learned from them have taught me some very important life lessons.

Just after GCSEs finished. I spent quality time just having fun with little consquence.
4-11... no responsibilities, loads of family and good friends around and I could play and daydream all day without consequence 🙃
by  Saffysda
Tinymight 2 Advice
massive old skool tunes
by  coldspurs
Would you rather be stressed or bored?
Shroom noob - how to start?
by  Fewnag
Does anyone else mix strains?
Is Weed legal where you are from?
by  zeppomarx
Given the Option what season would you hibernate through?
by  Kdawglfc
Weed kills my sense of smell, anyone an idea why?