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Weed kills my sense of smell, anyone an idea why?
Hey biggas

So a few years ago my sense of taste changed and now I can only taste sweet sour etc (not the actual flavour of things) now when I smoke, not only does my taste go completely but my sense of smell after just 1 toke of a joint, gone, completely. It slowly returns as my high lessens.

In a nutshell, I’ve had every blood test going, seen maxillofacial, a brain scan and ENT. No one seems to know why my taste changed and no one obviously wants to help with the fact that weed kills my sense of smell.

You guys are my last hope. I know chances are probably 0 but was hoping someone could maybe suggest something/someone else to help me get my taste back and be able to smell a joint when I smoke it. This was pre covid and I’ve always smoked flower

Peace biggas ✌️
after a quick google search i can confirm this is an extremely common issue and one i have myself even when i’m not smoking but have smoked a day before, it dulls the senses and if you stop for maybe a week it comes back even stronger; i stopped for 2 weeks and couldn’t believe the shit i was smelling and tasting it was crazy it felt like a new sense and generally felt so strong
Tried that mate. I have something called ageusia according to the docs. Quit smoking entirely for 3 months, upped my water, nothing
Hiya mate,

I’ve always had this problem or as far back as I can remember which is why when people mention the notes they ‘taste’ in their joints I’m sort of like I get the taste sometimes but the smell is literally nothing.

Even if I’ve had some and my wife asks me to smell something she’s cooking etc I have to tell her I’ve had a joint I can’t smell a thing.

Best mate has the same problem, two other mates don’t.
Did it coincide with a covid infection?
I got covid in October 2020 and it stopped my sense of smell in it's tracks.
Whilst my partners sense of smell returned - mine didn't and for about 3-4 months I just had no sense of smell. I was eating the spiciest food I could find(prior to which I wasn't fond of) to taste SOMETHING.
One day it returned, totally distorted. Nothing smelled or tasted right apart from chocolate.
From this point I perceived anything with alot of fat to smell rancid. Walking past a chippy is still excruciating.
Plant matter tasted like mouldy food smells. All plant matter apart from onions, garlic and coriander which tasted like sour milk, shit and sour apples respectively.
Nearly everything apart from sweet stuff tasted different and most smells were nauseating.
30 odd months later I would say my smell is at 70%. I have parosimia.
Extremely dulled alot of the time - but i believe there are some promising therapies for these smell and taste issues people have since covid.
Stellate ganglion block injections have seen some success
Smell training has seen success and has kicked up a notch since 2021. I believe there is now a machine that can just spray out different smells on it's own in order to programme your brain to recognise the smell correctly.
Vitamin D drops have seen some success too.
Repurchased epilepsy medications like sodium valproate have also seen good success in returning people's smell..
I only taste urb on the first toke too. I really need to concentrate on tasting the exhale to counter this which is not a conscious decision most of the time. I have to concentrate which means I can't relax which is paradoxical to smoking weed 🙂
I have tried non of the therapies - but intend to..
Follow 'Abscent'.
Probs due to smoking.
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