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soul tokens are next level
by  abacus
The Best Opportunity For Revolution In Centuries
With cryptographic networks the fundamental activities of a peaceful society have been freed from government control:

Finance check
Commerce check
Communications check

Yet physical violence remains a government monopoly. It's threat is considered the source of human order.

It's not hard to see how technology can decentralise violence too. Robots and a.i. are great equalizers of this terrible power. An army of 1 program could perhaps be enough to bring us back to the violent instability of our human past.

And that's what makes right now the best opportunity for peaceful and global evolution.

What our ancestors thought was only achievable through guns (or rocks), freedom from an exploitive ruling class, is becoming feasible through technology.

This revolution would look more like a pilgrimage for some, and for others a chance to improve the old game.

Are we as humans (and maybe our early successors/partners) able to do this? Or is it too late to avoid the old kind of revolution?
doc holiday
it's not too late but its inevitable that the tech winds up as a tool for the empire. look at web2 and the corporate ownership that already acts like a greedy machine. the promise of web 3 isnt much better with VC's colonising the system. ai is off to an even worse start, we're supposed to be happy that microsoft is giving google a run for its billions.
by  zeppomarx
The First Anarchist
by  coldspurs
Vitalik On Network States
The Empire Strikes Back: Crypto Regulation
The Chopping Block: A Network State in 10 Years?
by  Tenpester
Complexity and Freedom
blockchain governance?
by  wells
The Decentralized Country
by  1620
DAO Buys Ross Ulbricht's Ethereum NFTs to Help Free Him
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