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Countries that do not allow women to own property
by  defnote
Will Tor Ever Mainstream?
while the general public has got tonnes more privacy conscious tor remains unknown
I think tor will forever hold a certain stigma around it that scares less technically skilled people away. I've been using the browser for about 8 years now and I'm yet to really see any sort of difference in userbase. Brave browser has certainly done bits to get younger people on board with privacy and the onion network, but I imagine those people would have eventually found their way into the onion anyways. It's certainly more plausible that things /could/ change now though, it no longer takes a billion years to open onion links anymore which was a big factor in me using the browser more often.
I think people, in general, are mindless about privacy. We sign over tons of data to Amazon, store cards, streaming sites, etc. and it has become baked into daily life. All but a few of us are guilty of this to some extent.
Browser distribution to corporate platforms that own browsers is the non-starter here.
5th time recht
Every platform has its day, self interest makes some serious ched but it also kills them over time.
I would argue it is already kind of in the mainstream
by  wells
The Decentralized Country
by  zeppomarx
The First Anarchist
Vladimir Lenin, Crypto Anarchist
by  abacus
The Best Opportunity For Revolution In Centuries
soul tokens are next level
by  coldspurs
Vitalik On Network States
The Empire Strikes Back: Crypto Regulation
The Chopping Block: A Network State in 10 Years?
by  Tenpester
Complexity and Freedom
blockchain governance?
by  1620
DAO Buys Ross Ulbricht's Ethereum NFTs to Help Free Him
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