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First ever bong hits…
by  WkndSmker
Happy Wednesday x
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Anyone like Gu desserts? Don’t bin the jars!!
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Birthday treats
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Prepping for the coming months
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What would your plan be?
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Jelly dank is sexy af
🤤 well these certainly look like they’ll help with the post Christmas blues!
on  [music]
Because Dylan, that's why
Dylan was my first musical love. I’m a big fan. My son’s name is Dylan, I’ve a Dylan tattoo. A true legend
on  zilla
Best dry herb vape for under £100?
I’m currently considering my first desktop vape. The Arizer Extreme Q is currently £87 on Vapefied and I’m finding it hard to resist… + 2 more
Real Weed Porn!
Bootiful indeed but, seen as it’s on Reddit, boofiful would be more appropriate!
Nitrous oxide to become class C substance in UK
Never tried and don’t know much about it but here’s my view, which also applies to our beloved green… Both the Government drug advisory panel and a re…
on  drasker
Adding terpenes to distilate for vaping possible?
What trappy said is spot on. When I first did it I was impatient so make sure you warm the distillate enough or you could end up in a sticky and strin…
Going through my stand phase
Love this. Looks very tactile. Makes me want to touch it. Yes, I want to touch your wood 🪵
Pontiff of piff buying biggas assembleee!!
Received my first order from the piff just yesterday. I like the film so had to try some Pineapple Express. I said in my review that it lacked bag app…