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by  brakefast
The Greatest Boomer?
by  zeppomarx
The Beautiful Network of Ancient Roman Roads
H.G. Wells Interviews Stalin
The scifi icon had finished an interviews with Roosevelt right before this and sees similarities with the growth of government in both societies.
doc holiday
Stalin: You, Mr. Wells, evidently start out with the assumption that all men are good. I, however, do not forget that there are many wicked men.

gotta believe him here :)
good stuff, how about this warning sign:

Who wants a captain who lulls the vigilance of his army, a captain who does not understand that the enemy will not surrender, that he must be crushed?
ivan Meets GI joe
i do :)
A Brief Global History of the War on Cannabis
by  energixed
London in the Roman World
The Battle of Los Angeles 1942: Aiming for The Imaginary, Americans Shoot Each Other
by  Tenpester
Did inequality cause the First World War?
by  ike
Night of the Guillotine
by  wells
Digging for Utopia
1 sentence sums up history
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