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Trouble with coinjar
Hey Biggas. I’ve used coinjar since finding little biggy a few years back and have never had any issues. I haven’t used LB for a few months and now I need to stick up I’m having issues. What I want to buy cost £34 and I have £55 if bitcoin in my account. Every time I try to send it I get a message saying insufficient funds due to network fees but they’ve never been anything like £20 before. I’ve messaged coinjar, but can anyone shed any light?
Network fees same everywhere mate taking peoples eyes out cheaper to go to your local atm unfortunately 🙁
Any idea on when it's due to go back down? Coinbase are rinsing me with £14 fees on something worth £53... Can't wait for the day BTC isn't the primary coin....
by  Wardy
by  Wardy
Change to the url
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FILMS to watch Stoned.
on  BBDoom
Pistach The Great
They’re still on here mate. They literally never appear on my wall though. I found them via a link on topics, and there they were all fully stocked. I…
Occulus Game Suggestions Please.
Walkabout mini golf is good to play with friends and it doesn’t hurt to be a little stoned!! I quite like the new mmo Zenith too, but every time I get…
Old school!
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