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List of Vendors Available For France
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Liste incomplète de vendeurs Européens (FR)
Please make mkk2020 on items page + 4 more
Forum ouvert (FR)
Hashishin pour la France aussi ---> + 4 more
on  ipx900
alternative shipping methods
Why so many dont ship France is easy to send french from Uk also TGT dont want send me again ? sometimes i have pay 18€custom tax but it was 100% post…
Do you post Eu ?
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Hebba29 is thrue vendor just is more risky then spain about custom
2 order canceled 2 times 100 hours
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Critical+ ON SALE NOW!
Your critical was on top of my orders i wait the next batch
Do you think
he have superior quality so they price are right for this kind of quality looks the blue nerds as pistache is 95€ for 3.5g and the oreo is almost same…
on  Cakes
Anyone have a high THC hash
The best and strongest hash in EU is in germany + 3 more
Where are you
try less quality for the eggs next times because you make me crazy about i have not your wonderfull egg for a long times + 7 more
Sample order arrived
I love they eggs all kind love the oily love the taste love the effect love the texture love the vendor love good hash from germany love he give track… + 3 more
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