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Vape Wool UK?
THC and CBD testing
Royal Mail Seeds Advice
Black Pepper Taste
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Are these legit??? (Medical concern)
Hey buddy, sorry about your condition and the hassle your having getting the medicine that suits you. I agree with the advice about getting a dry herb…
New grinder please?
I got a 2 inch 4 piece GoldenBell grinder 7 years ago and it’s still going strong and has given me zero hassle. Cost like £6.
on  zilla
Best dry herb vape for under £100?
I would also recommend the xmax v3 pro. You can get cool attachments for the mouthpiece on it too, like a glass tube mouthpiece and a waterbubbler thi…
Advice for Growing
Agree with the bio bizz, grow and bloom will do an auto flower. Most soils will provide the plant enough nourishment for two weeks. Tropic Mix is good…
doctor doc
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
Was in the same boat as you. My weed anxiety came about after my psychedelic period. I would get heart palps, muscle shakes and an unsettled mind. I … + 2 more
Temple Balls
The white bits in Nepalese temple balls are little bits of mould trapped in the hash. Cause it’s hand rubbed from a live plant the hash holds a little… + 2 more
minimum viable grow?
You can convert a bedside cabinet easily into a wee grow box. Grow auto flowers in tiny pots. Check out Stunted art on IG. You won’t get a big yield …
Have the winners been picked? + 2 more