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Mr Geeseeks
Vape Wool UK?
Anyone know where I can source Vape Wool / Degummed Hemp Fibre in the UK?
Does anyone import from EU?

Ta in advance you lovely Biggaz
Like cotton bacon? Amazon sells it.
What ☝️ said. Works a treat.
You using it for hash ?
Mr Geeseeks
Aye buddy, does the cotton bacon carry any flavour? Does it absorb hash well?
Wanting to vape some hash in my Angus but also don’t want to ruin it with hash goo 😂
Get the un bleached wool rather than the commercial stuff as it’s bleached.
EBay have it…
I use it in the dynavap when using hash and it works a treat. No interference with the product.

I’ve not tried trying to vape hash in the Angus but with the highest temp being 220

The mighty is 210. I know people that give good feedback on using it with a dosage capsule and the cotton. Pollypuff20 special 💨💨

Let us know how you get on. I would be definitely be using a dosage capsule as a minimum tho.
Mr Geeseeks
Nice one, think I’ll try out the bacon.
The Angus can actually go up to 230 if you set it to 220 then hold the button down during your sesh for a 10 degree boost!
Like beast mode on the TM2
Mr Geeseeks
I believe so, I haven’t tried the TM2 although I do want one. Could t quite justify the financial leap although I can tell this new hobbie is gonna cost me 😂😂
I’m relatively new to dry herb vaping and have just jumped from an Xmax Pro to an Angus, also got Dynavap M kicking about.
Don’t man.

You get sucked right in lol. That’s how I started 🤦

What you mean kicking about 🙄 far better than any electronic vape ! 🍿
Mr Geeseeks
Haha don’t worry it’s safe, it’s the first one I got but back then it lost out to the baccy spliffs but now I’m baccy free and enjoying the vapour.
I just haven’t fired up the dynavap recently cause I don’t have the right lighter for it, looking forward to getting re-acquainted.
Good man. Thats what helped me.

I thought we could not be friends ha ha ha

I total agreement it’s an addiction VAS
Natural hemp fibre unbleached & degummed can be found on ebay UK. Fantastic for dabbing some of the oily and sticky extracts.

For wool and cotton try Amazon or pop into a vape store and you'll make a new friend.

added example link from ebay uk. Not someone's hair, unlike you may think!
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