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share grits and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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EU vendors wanted!!
someone needs to use their reference code to invite them, will make a bundle
Chat GPT for President
war and taxes
on  Jdvxx
“fraudulent wallet” btc wallet suspended
weird, lets have a screen shot
killer paraphanalia
The Decentralized Country
just like early nations much of the freedoms gained will be quickly traded away for security, this time to a.i.
on  AlbaNoo
if you give transaxe the btc address you sent to they can recover the order id.
did world war 2 merely stall an inevitable trend of fascism?
ok throw in a little racism and hate where the communist idealism and naivete is and you're there. + 2 more
on  {rap}
best wu tang member?
i knew redman was a bigga
on  {rap}
Harry Mack is the best freestyle rapper ever
Things to bring your high down!
double down with sativa