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Psychedelic Microdosing
by  Tamer
They keep disappearing
Psilocybin seller
Psychedelic Guidance
Merry Christmas littlebiggas
Food recipes using Hashish
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can the USA be fixed?
Peter Breggin. MD, former psychiatrist who took on the APA when profit motive became greater than the hypocratic oath doctors take to "first, do …
Magic mushrooms
Got the #1 most popular shroom variety Penis Envy. I am from US and ship to UK too. Prices are rock bottom for PE! + 8 more
on  Jackdoyle
Strain advice
Durban Poison
Daytime bud suggestions
Durban Poison I recommend....also Gelato 41 is a strong sativa....use with caution or you will get anxiety...
Shrooms US🇺🇸
Got PE right now and 2 7g Tidal Wave....upcoming varieties include "starry night" ape, an extremely rare and potent shroom for experienced p…
Our Interpretation of the Wonderwall
I have been solicited to join as a vendor to a site called little Came from an anonymous message in my lb inbox. I know this is scam spa…
Golden Teachers
I have some Tidal Wave and PE...True Albino Teacher, which is a hybrid of golden teacher, I have only 14g...please mention TAT in your message upon ch…
Can I trust ordering from abroad?
I am a mushroom vendor in the US, and domestic shipping is totally safe. For cannabis, I have ordered from UK a few times and bought some hash from Ha… + 6 more
on  xandalf
What's the best 14g for around £110?
I can get lava cake, Gelato 41, Duban Poisin, wedding c ake. MINT Kush and Triable kush for 200z an ounce. I rareky offer weed in here, but I do buy r…