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Elon Musk “go fuck yourself”
If you think he's a proponent of free speech you are quite mistaken. His idea of free speech is the promotion of far right ideas. The dude is an idiot…
Best pure indica from reliable vendor?
How do you even test for indica/sativa?
on  her9o874
Birthday Present (for me)?
Check TheHashCollective23, they had something called Kush4breakfast, super exclusive apparently. p.s. Please fix the pic, we really don't need to see…
Is this any good? Real biggas only
How legit does this review come across? 10/10 First time buying online and pistach has the best stuff tast and smells like proper cali and really l…
How long does refund borg normally take?
Took 2 days on mine.
Exclusive Exotic Donut Kings! Glass Tips 1.5G Flower .5 🍯
You gotta keep it mind. It's a premium product. Donut King is the original hash hole maker as far as I know and makes a brilliant product. The collab …
Shall we redraw for the last winner?
Didn't even know there was a giveaway on. I think Pistach topics only appear if you're logged in. Go on count me in