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Peter, you’ve lost the news!
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Blockchain app issues
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HASH SMOKERS - Do you prefer touch crumble or soft and squidgy ?
Me too. Been getting a good technique in my Dynavaps for hash and its been worth it. The taste is crazy good when we dont combust + 3 more
long term effects you've experienced from cannabis?
Great question. I'm over 50, in gainful employment, reasonably fit and slim but an unhealthy diet for balance. Vape daily up to 0.4g but usually 0.2g… + 2 more
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Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
Black Love by Afghan Whigs Good Luck by Debby Friday
on  [movies]
Who has the best horror film suggestion?
Trying to make suggestion but get a warning each time