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Peter, you’ve lost the news!
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Blockchain app issues
Anyone had issues with this app? When i try to buy bitcoin and hit the buy button it does nothing and it has been like this for days. I wanna top up for christmas but will be difficult with just a few quid in there.
Banks have banned crypto
Oh! Thats LB fucked then. That will be my last purchase here. What a shame. Didnt like Dispen serooooo so much.
I used to use coinmama but now my bank blocks it but I used to order last night there are fees but I never had to upload ID and instead of sending it to my wallet first I just put the address of the LB order and it was done in half an hour. Hope this helps.
This though, is how many people will get ripped off. You cant just send you money to a random place that doesnt take your ID? Who am I to know who you are? With no security or accreditation that could so easily be a site youve thrown up to rip people off. No offence, but you see what im saying
This is B/S that site uses transax and charges you £45 plus fees for a £500 of bit coin you only get £455 odd worth of coin and have to use ID
Yes I posted this ages ago mate, they used to use moonpay which didn't require ID but did have like £5 fees then they changed to transak.
Ok cheers. Block chain was so easy for me.
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$21834 Moonrocks Thanks for doing this 🙌