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Suggestion for disposable thc vape please
Sorry for the lazy post but my old man has mentioned on a few occasions about trying a thc vape pen. He's got a dot leaf that he uses when he's out and about and a vaporizer at home. I don't know anything about disposables, coils, cells etc so thought it'd be best just trying him with a disposable before going down that rabbit hole.
Any suggestions/links to UK based sellers on lb would be massively appreciated. Thanks
There are quite a few to choose from, but I would use Canadian Imports CCell pens or the same from Sensi Mart. There is nothing simpler to use- open the packet and suck on the right end!…they are also rechargeable with a micro usb👍

You will also often see a choice of oil from distillate D9 to Live Resin or a 50:50 mix. It really comes down to personal preference so try a few over time…
Thanks, just ordered a ccel from Canadian imports.
Need to have a read up on D9/D8/live resin etc. I just didn't want to get him some random crap off the local kids as I've read most of them are just synthetic/spice. He's a true homegrown, no nasty shit smoker.
Thanks for your suggestion
D8 (&D10) are highly synthesised hemp extracts, best avoided imo. D9 (THC) distillate is extracted from the plant using CO2 or butane in a relatively cheap process. Live resin is similar but uses flash frozen cannabis leaves that preserves the plant spectrum. Rosin is chemical free since it is extracted using only heat and pressure and is therefore the most expensive…
Thank you for taking the time to explain it. D9, live resin and rosin noted.
I only tend to have rso now and the occasional homegrown but I tried a mates weed pen a while ago and it was a bit to chemically/heady for me.
We've got some London new live resin disposables and they're all single source live resin so strain specific highs and no added terpenes, so much less processed than most on the market!🙏🏼💚
Nice one. I'll have a look
For disposables, I’ve had really positive experiences with all420 on here
I also recommend all4twenty disposable vapes. Had a few of them alreadt and Im well stoned after 1-2 tokes.
Hi mate

We've an offer on our Ccell 0.5ml disposables at the moment. Buy one get one free. Have a browse and see if there's anything that takes your fancy. If not we hope you find what your looking for.

Thanks, ULC
Just for general info. Ordered a CCell from Canadian imports the other day, took one day to arrive, dropped it off for my old man yesterday and he's just text me to say he had a couple of hits off it last night and I think we've found a winner! Nice taste, draws well, hits you quick! Seeing him Sunday so I'll have a little sample.
Thanks for all the info👍
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This is real great value RSO
I mix it 4:1 with MCT oil. Supplier I use is packing up so going to give this a try. + 2 more
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