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Let's make it better
I hope I'm posting this somewhere biggas and admins will see it, and that it's okay to do so. This is merely to bring people's opinions to light on how to make Little Biggy as good as it can be. Hopefully admins will agree to some of this and implement it, but it's of course entirely up to them.

What ideas do you have to improve LB?
For me I would love to see:

▪︎Faster payouts for vendors:
Without knowing what it costs to run the site, I do think the fees paid per sale should be able to cover some haste with the blockchain.

▪︎Stock counter:
There has been a lot problems with substituted items here lately, this could be avoided with a stock counter so a vendor doesn't sell something they don't actually possess. If a vendor could just enter how many grams (s)he has available, it could automatically pause the listing when it's sold out. It could be used for specific options on listings too, like samples/intro offers.
It doesn't need to be public information, but the system would know.

▪︎Clearer rules:
Would be nice to know what's allowed on the site, and if it's society only, and maybe an educated update to what's allowed. If it's purely based on harm potential, then there are other substances that fit the description, and drug class.
The only rules you're presented with upon registration is "do as you please but don't harm others," but there's obviously more to it than that.

▪︎More filters and sort by options:
Would make it much more intuitive to navigate listings, especially for new users who don't know what there is on LB instead of browsing through 700+ listings. The keyword feature is great, but as a newbie you might not even know what to search for.

▪︎The topics page:
Could do with a revamp with categories and a search bar. Sadly, more gold is claimed by the depths here than in the Golden Age of Piracy.

▪︎A gifting system:
This would be a minor feature that would bring more interaction to LB. An option to order from a vendor and transfer said order to another user for them to fill out their address and such privately. There are many friendships on here, and many friends like to give gifts to other friends but remain anonymous. You never know when it's the long arm with a long con.

▪︎Dark mode:
I'm a bit of a night owl and I know many other biggas are too. Won't somebody please think of our eyes?


To incentivise some interaction on this post, let's have a giveaway;
Anyone who shares their thoughts here will be entered in a draw of a $50 voucher to any vendor's store. The draw will be on 10/12/23, and a name will be picked with
Some great suggestions there mate.

The one I think a lot of us on the buy and sales side will agree with is the need to adopt payment methods beyond Bitcoin. There are so many better options I’m not going to list them all, but at least one other option would help when the blockchain congestion forces up the network fees. Surely that slows sales on here so it’s in everyone’s interests.
Yeah I agree, I would highly prefer to use XMR for security reasons but the congestion issue is a good point as well. Thanks for your input buddy.
- Ability to @ other Biggaz

- ‘Items’ page shows live BTC price

- ‘Verification’ feature, you pay $20 annually for example. Stand-out ‘Verified’ badge on profile, vendors are more likely to deal with you, customers vice versa, increases odds upon dispute, vendors can offer exclusive verified promo deals in exchange for reduced sales fees, unlocks more profile customisation options; profile themes, username colour etc. Think Amazon Prime/X

- ‘Awards’ function for verification and topics/posts/upvotes/downvotes/buys/sales milestones. These are displayed on your profile as small intricate icons dedicated to each award.

- Ability to change username

- A leaderboard which ranks the most active and upvoted Biggaz

- Ability to search ‘topics’ and ‘people’ pages

- ‘topics’ page categorys, example; General Chat, Official Support, Community Support, Introductions, Promos, Giveaways.

- Ability to bookmark vendors/items which will display them first in the ‘items’ tab

- Credits system; you earn credits by buying / selling products. Credits can’t be sold or bought directly but large amounts can be exchanged for small referral token percentage increases and sales fee reductions.

- List of ‘fraud suspected’ vendors.

- 8MB File Limit increased

- Support for more file types

- Ability to follow/subscribe to other Biggaz and be notified via DM’s when they post, list etc

- Support for other cryptos

- Moderators/more borgs

- All Scotsmen get 99% off all orders 😉🤣
I’d add better content loading management. Loading some heavy-posting biggas pages can be like pulling teeth.

A real navigation. Better hit areas on links. Using this site on mobile can be tedious.

Integrate Tailwind Css - give it all some style. Improve the UX

The ability to delete your account.

Rep system. Both for vendor/customer ratings. Make reputation more transparent. So we don’t just have to rely on reviews.

Massive discounts for anyone living on the South Coast.

Global search with filters, Algolia/Elasticsearch integration?

Currency in £. Never understood why we pay in $
How about everyone from north of England gets 99% off? 😂

With the changing name thing though it should be like on Steam where you can see previous names so we're not all trolled out of existence.

Some very good ideas here my friend, thank you endlessly for your input!
Yah the fraud suspected tag should link to all of them
Dark mode would be a real treat
Favorites list
More steps needed to create an account

Freedom for our incarcerated Biggas ✊🏻
Yep yep yep, maybe instate some trusted biggas as moderators if they want it and when the rules are clarified. It's like the wild west here at times
Yeah lots of good things here Whiz420, completely agree :). My friend, who's very tech savvy and uses dark nets a lot, found LB hard to understand and navigate at first look, and that put him off. Took me a while to figure it out too so it could def be more user friendly. The community and choice is amazing (and everyone from the borgs to the vendors and fellow smokers has been incredibly kind and helpful to me), and that can get a bit lost in the layout of the site.

'Keyword' search is good but you could also break the 'items' up into categories (also the 'topics') - and also make 'people' and 'topics' searchable, so they're more easily browsable, as Budzinho was saying. I second their idea of letting you bookmark vendors as well and notifications. Would be much easier to keep up with new drops from favourite sellers! The smaller growers sell out fast ;)

My friend was also very surprised that XMR isn't used as it's fully anonymous (I believe) and no more difficult to use than Bitcoin - plus is used widely on DNMs. At least to give that alternative option. After all, Bitcoin really isn't anonymous at all, unless you send it with XMR as one of the steps.

Anyway, just my two cents! Haven't really added anything new but agree with the other biggas.
Yeah, LB looks like a RuneScape forum from 2004 to be honest. I'm sure someone able would provide a UI for free at this point.

I've also dabbled in the odd market and there is some strong competition out there, but I prefer to shop on LB actually.
Great weed, great community, and honestly better prices than I'm used to.
I also have a tech savvy friend who moans about the Bitcoin thing. Well, he's into the whole tails thing so BTC defeats the purpose a bit.

I agree with all your points, and if anyone's wondering what I want for Christmas this year it's that all our wishes come true. I do really love LB, the trusty ol' clunker. Cheers for the input mate.
yes, I've only been here since Sept and I love it too :) - great people, weed and prices. Very reliable too, and I haven't had any issues that haven't been quickly resolved, by the borgs or vendors. Also, the ordering/payment process has been really easy and smooth for me. Went in with zero knowledge of crypto, got some helpful tips from the guides and other biggas, and was away! (and from what my friend told me, ordering/payment can be a ball ache on the markets - at least as of a couple years ago, haven't asked him since).

I just think most of the things we've discussed can't be that hard to implement and they'd really streamline the user experience for biggas (but I have very little technical knowledge about these things).

But yeah, currently smoking some humble shake/trim from Green Cat ($100 for 2oz), and it's better than most weed I've smoked from the street and strong. And I love speaking directly with some of the amazing growers on here and smoking their wonderful flower. So I ain't going anywhere else :)
Man made a RuneScape reference, Apex knows it very well 👀
Thanks for taking the time to write this topic bro, you have some great suggestions. One feature which I think would be a great addition is if if sellers could select 4 categories for their listings. For example, type of product, indica/ sativa, terpene profile and pricing category. This could then be replicated as filters for a user, enabling them to streamline their product search experience. This is just a rough idea but I think it could definitely benefit the user experience.
Hey biggaz
I’m quite new here and found it a bit confusing to navigate at first but now i’ve got the hang of it, it’s a lot easier.
in terms of improvements, I think having multiple payout options instead of just BTC would be great. I also think keyword search should be expanded to all sections of the site instead of just in items, so it would be in topics and people as well. Maybe even having a vendor list that has vendors categorised or ranked based on sales, so you can see who the top vendors are and who the new ones are.
I also think we should be able to bookmark or ‘subscribe’ to vendors and biggaz so that on our profiles we see updates from the vendors and people we like and trust so that we don’t miss out on new items and posts.
I also think it would be great to have a more organised topics section and maybe have some more categories that are easily accessible. I love how there are already pages for ‘buy help’ and ‘wanted items’ but i think it would be great to have more of these and also have them easier to find and be able to save them as well as i found it quite difficult to find the ones i was looking for to begin with. I also think having each post dated would help massively as well as i often find myself going through something that was months old and didn’t realise.
that’s just my 2 cents on LB, but honestly since finding this community and page a couple months ago, it has been amazing and i can honestly say it’s changed my life already, and it’s the only online community i am happily a part of.
Stock counter is a must and would prevent loads of complaints and scams.
Dark mode would be great as this page is a literal flashbang.
As for faster payments we already have a crypto that is cheaper, faster, greener than bitcoin and has also been through court and been cleared as a security... XRP it would improve everything to just switch to this token instead as it does everything better.

I really dont have anything new to add to this as you prety much nailed it and im just echoing
Make vendors need to offer GPG.
Allow other crypto without the insane fees.
Make the topics section work properly.
Fix the thing that makes images go rubbish.
Prevent vendors from relisting with a different product using an existing one.

Explain what the criteria for rating a product is.

Make it clear how to contact support/report shitty behaviour.
New bong
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