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Strain advice for anxiety stomach
by  Ninja7227
What are your go to top 3 strains?
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Is it cheeky to ask?
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Who all does special NDD?
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Why so much hate
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Lemon tree (Dr Green thumb)
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Strain advice
Green Cat ammenisa haze, Canadian Import Gorrila Glue, Mac1 if you can find it
Bad Vendor
Cheers mate. Wasn't sure if we were in the same time period and there 'may' have been a genuine reason. Never had to go through a dispute before so ho… + 2 more
6/10 review for packaging
Hahahahahaha oh dear!! Mine came today, im a big fan of the packaging. Love the attractiveness of it and certainly wins on 'bag appeal' if that makes …
Welcome back Green Cat! :)
This has made my day on what has been a very testing one!! My absolute GOAT of LB is back!! + 3 more
Order from here!
Lol, one of the lucky ones then... + 2 more
Kush Rush Packs
started topic
D-day... First dispute
started topic + 2 more
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Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
Muse - Absolution( regardless if you like the band the story of the end of the world from start to end is amazing!) Nirvana - Unplugged in New York + 2 more