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lazy twats with talent
Sounds interesting, what type of research are you looking into?
best ways to partake broke?
I have gone through this, the best way for me was to 'time' when I smoked, so not having money you need discipline, you can't smoke all day long, see … + 2 more
Weed hangover tips please
Have a fag in the morning or a few, if you don't like fags, neither do I , but 100% they work before work, drink loads of water and drink a good 1or 2…
on  afission
Cheapest ounces on LB?
I agree I've shopped around loads, Green Kats buds/shake is usually all bud for around £120, they are small buds but I don't mind at all. Some people …
Passing uk drug test
I respect the dedication you made!!! + 4 more
on  Richy781
XRP discussion
I have xrp, I hope one day LB will use xrp, will be soo fast and I guarantee more people use it as the fees are cheaper!
on  1212
Anti-hunger molecule forms after exercise
makes total sense, I never want to eat after exercising, or could this be because the digestive system shut down during exercise and takes a while to …
You deserve it, have a good one !!
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