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6th June 2023
Capsules now shipped in protected packaging.

- We are running on time and fully staffed, orders are going out up to date again and I will get through the messages as soon as possible.

2023 - NEW STEALTH BRANDED PACKAGING :) No mention of THC, No QR codes.

New bulk priced carts, choose recipe and strain!

WeedStarTHC are one of the UKs best loved and most trusted Cannabis Dispensary Vendors.

We are open 6 Days a week
Same day shipping before 2PM
Mon - Saturday

1st Class, Signed for, Special Delivery NDD 1PM.

We recommend using PGP,
Reship or refund any orders that don't arrive.

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THC / CBD Cannabis Tinctures
UK THC Edibles, sweets, brownies
THC Capsules - Vegan Safe
UK THC Vape Carts (50:50 and 70:30 Distillate:Live Resin)
Microdose LSD Tabs
Microdose Mushroom Capsules

Amnesia OG
Premium OG
Gorilla Glue
Bubblegum AK
Original AK47
Wedding Cake
Girl Scout Cookies

RAW we also offer carts made with Distillate only, 95% THC and no strain profile or smell!!
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New Generic Stealth Packaging!!
2023 New Year New WeedStar !
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12th Feb WeedStar Update
Message late delivery
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Easy DIY@home Distillate gummy edibles Guide 2023
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★ Bulk THC Edibles UK - UK Branded!
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Updated Vape Juice - Shatter and Distillate blend 10ml
5ml and 10 ml THC Tincture Bottles back in Stock
New Relax 50mg Chocolate Brownies now in stock!
November Wi-Pod Giveaway - Awesome NEW vape product.
Giveaway Promo - Hands Down the best weed Vape experience! Wi-Pods UK
Release Rodderick!! Release Transaxe! Help us to serve you!
Last Day for delivery before this weeks RM STRIKE!!!
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Interest? Disposable Vape Pens and Reusable Wi-Pods
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We're in the widening gap phase now for sure, or at least its becoming clear how far the gap already is. The final step in every Marxism based cycle …
sativa soft gel capsules, anyone?
Hi HTA, I've seen Breal talking about these. They are the same as capsules, but made using a gel-encapsulating process instead. We have the THC caps…
Payday. £100 or so quid to spend on the next months goodies. What do you get?
Give a consideration to another old faithful vendor ;) Maybe throw some edibles into your calendar, capsules are best bang for buck and a hella nice … + 2 more
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How long can you store a cart?
Mate this sounds a bit depressing.. You can store carts for a long time, sealed and capped and kept in the dark. Weeping out of the bottom isn't a g…
High quality edibles
Hi H, We've started making all edibles with shatter and distillate. We will be adding different strains as well (XJ13,AK47,PremiumOG,Zkittlez), so …
Daytime bud suggestions
Hi E, We love the old school landrace strain Durban Poison or Jack Herer strains. We have a Jack Herer cross G13 that's a day waster :D