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Any biggas at Wembley tomorrow for AEW?
by  sykers01
Best budget options?
Hi there,

Never thought I'd need to make a post like this but unfortunately I lost my job two weeks ago. Job searching is going steady, but I've just ran out of my supply.

Usually I would go to more upmarket vendors but I can't really justify doing that when I don't know when I'll be paid next and I haven't had much experience with the budget options on here.

What are the best budget options on here that you've tried?
My friend, I am sorry to hear about this situation. DM me and I will send you a little goodie bag to help you by ok 💯❤️

Chin up, and keep going mate 😎
You’re a real one still Gen, I was on this site less than an hour and you made an offer to send me something.

You’re good people mate, the world needs more like you.

Best wishes to you and yours Gen ✌🏼
That means a lot mate thanks for reaching out I really appreciate it. It’s all about karma so I always do my best.

Have a great day KC 💯❤️
Sharing the love as per
Very kind and generous of you 👍
Stay strong buddy it’s really shitty indeed.

To help budget my top picks are:

Real D skittles, 55ish quid with my fees for 7g of really tasty indica leaning relaxation.

As Polly said - green cats sweet tooth amnesia and cheese are both good offerings and tast well.

For me the real d edges it, as I think a few quid cheaper as green cat is +6$ delivery

Smalls from Riley was a good bargain too.
A lot of Biggas rave about the quality of the shake on here as the best value option. I’ve heard great things about the ones from Green Cat and RealD but I haven’t tried them myself so can’t say anymore.

If you like quality bud, I think this is a great example for the price:

I hope things work out for you buddy…drop me a DM and I’ll happily send you a mixed baggy of nugs from my Jar Of Joy…👍😉
Thanks for your rec, I placed an order in now.

And thank you for the unbelievable generosity but I will have to decline... I can't be accepting freebies!

Thanks all for chipping in with your recs, and I'll keep them in mind. I have an few interviews next week and the week after, cross ya fingers for me!
Got them crossed mate 👍 🤞
It sucks about your job mate Hope you get sorted soon

Your always welcome down here with us

The Pontiff of Piff


Dr green thumb

Drugs Inc UK
When I need an ounce of solid budget smoke in a rush I usually hit Pistash with that being said I've found a few other great vendors while trying out LB;

Justweed have some great shake/small nugs with free NDD - hard to go wrong.

Pontiffofpiff usually have some phenomenal budget smoke in rotation - waiting for some fruit juice myself

(if you catch British Bulldogs budget option in time you're also in for a treat)
Wishing you the best OP!
That’s gash man. Always shit to hear that.

We have all been there at some point. At the moment if you message British bulldog. He has a shit load of trim that he would do a custom on. This trim is far better than most shake that I have had from LB that I’ve tried with a few exceptions but this is not trying to anything it’s not. It’s fucking dam good trim. Clean and fresh. Actually smells like a bag of buds and when in the grinder then vape it’s smokes well. The best part is the price. Outstanding value for money.
Pistach has really good budget options at the moment also
Jealousy x Kushmintz is a solid smoke for the price, but there are cheaper options as well.
Pistach Blue headband is alright in the vape, subtle muted flavour but nice high and structure 👍🏻
If your looking for good value have a look at the green team few decent deals. Rader breeder b grade bud. Shroom of the loom budget deals hash and bud. Good luck mate

Hi all

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the outpouring of support and recommendations from everyone here. Turns out that all my anxieties and worries were misplaced as I more or less got offered a job a week after this post was made lol. I start next week!

You all probably have an account with these guys! They are a big established company with a very good reputation and I'm grateful they're taking me on.

Now... if anyone has any primo flower recommendations for me to celebrate! 😎
Fucking love it!!! 🤜

Really happy things turned out mate!

My current primo advice would be to check out “Chase the Terps”

Riley packs has also consistently delivered me high grade 🔥

I got a little custom of biscotti and wagyu that should land Wednesday if you can hold out
Jack Haze - message me for a deal solid budget option never a complaint.
$175 usd an oz with SNDD ✌️
Decent ☝️
I’m pretty much the same boat myself and can vouch for RealD’s shake , been keeping me going for the past month and for the price I imagine it’s hard to beat
I feel your pain,
shroom of the loom is a good shout,
I got their small buds and a bundle deal and it’s gone alot further that I expected, it’s also decent quality too.
Shroom Of The Loom
Thanks for the recommendation, Lost-odins-eye, much appreciated!

Bud Wiser 53
That sucks, sykers01. When I lost my job a few years back I took anything available just to stay busy - even if it was well below my skill level. Nothing makes you feel more worthless than not having a job to get up for. You'll be right. Stay strong.
Not sure how recent this post is but I would recommend..
shroomoftheloom small buds puffo gelato @ $55 a Q.
Nice smoke and does a good job

As mentioned before realD skittlez.
Even the skittlez shake is ok for a real cheap smoke and tobacco replacement.

Canadian imports also quite often have some very good cheaper options $35-40 a Henry including ND.

These are all great options if your on a budget my friend.

All the best🍀
Strainsbury’s shake - £110 for 56g.

Best shake on LB (and I’ve tried lots)

My last batch was all bud and very potent
Dr Cala
Feel free to visit our page where you'll find a wide range of items available. Notably, all our products come with the benefit of Free Next Day Delivery (NDD) guaranteed by 1 pm. Additionally, we offer a competitive price of $30 for 3.5 grams. We invite you to explore our offerings and take advantage of these convenient options.
I feel your pain mate, hopefully you will get a job sorted soon. I've been buying this shake from Justweed and it's awesome for the price. And.. guaranteed next day delivery free of charge.
Green Avenger Weed
Click and check us out with LB Special Promotion.
Good luck with the job hunt Buddy, all the best where that's concerned!

As for smoking on a budget? Shake. Shake all day long, especially from some of the vendors here. Had a z of Green Cats Sweet tooth amnesia last month, was excellent for a cheap daily smoke, so Silver Bubble in the cart for this month!

Also, you've gotta absolutely love this community, support, guidance and a bunch of biggas offering a bit of their bud to get you by, that's the 420 way.
Hey keep an eye out for our Cali Lows listings, our oz’s go from anywhere between $90 to $150 for this tier of bud.
Justweed shake is the one. Super efficient service and great value. Plus NDD means it doesn't get knicked by postie

Check out our budget option

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Best energising strain on LB?
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$32,260 Thank you all, good luck everyone