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Almost too pretty to grind
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Hebba generally is considered a good vendor, and they do state it takes weeks and not to order if you're not willing to wait, but we've only heard one… + 2 more
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What's your favourite Bud on LB Biggaz?
Had the EVO, got the Spritz now. Both are incredibly well grown and cured, excellent taste profiles, but that EVO, makes my mouth water thinking about… + 2 more
Request Late Dispute
Looks like you've been fucked about mate, shame.
Amazing quality buds right here with pistach
Still feel the same way?
Stunning bit of flower + 2 more
A guide to IDing legitimate US marijuana products
First time ordering with SN2G, and the grin on my face when I seen it pass international customs was brilliant. Should be here next day or two I hope.…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Lemon smelling weed, sprayed with what ?
What was the weed?
FRYD 2G Liquid Diamonds Disposable + PROMO
Problem with them, regardless of the fakes, is that unless it comes directly from them, would you trust something with such an awful name, that many o… + 4 more
To the person who flags my videos
There's finding LB, then there's straight out advertising it. Not that it matters, the Reddit page Budzinho is referring to has bugger all folk in it,…
Fruity weed
The Mimosa EVO is delicious, got a bit from KIG the other week. The smell when you open the bag, oaft, like a fresh peeled orange!
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Best bud on LB
£90+ is pretty damn expensive though. Understandable prices considering it's basically Armani/Gucci/Prada flower, but damn.