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Any Thai or similar???
Hard ash weed from circa 2006-2009
Wondering if anyone remembers the horrible weed that was everywhere for a few years around 2006-2009
This is how I remember it.
Beginning probably in late 2006, you would buy weed which, when smoked, would create a hard ash on the joint which would need to be broken off. The weed never really smoked properly, and it had a slightly acrid taste.
Nine times out of ten, dealers would only have this kind of weed for a period, and everyone was smoking it (I lived in the south east, then moved to Coventry where it was the same issue).
Then, say in 2008/9, dealers started having the option of this hard ash weed or cheese, which was at the then-unheard-of price of £10 a gram.
Slowly, the hard ash weed disappeared and the price of weed, whether cheese or otherwise, stayed at £10 a gram ( had generally been about £10 per 1.5g before that).
My question is, does anyone else remember this, and what on earth was going on with that hard ash weed?
the grit weed hard ash era. was a problem every where at the time. yeh i remember it v. well. time frames and every weed in that time. even off good suppliers.
I remember it. Hate to think of what it was. I also remember the grams looking bigger than the tenths, as the weed was so overladen with sand type grit that anything fluffy looked huge. Remember it sounding like pebbles on the coffee table.
The Pontiff of Piff
sprayed weed

used to destroy my lungs if i smoked too much, i remember smoking and selling mostly thai around 2007/2008 because of it. Didn't switch back until close friends started cropping themselves
I remember people saying its sprayed with x, y or z to increase the weight etc at the time. I don't doubt there was truth in that, but I wonder why it stopped so abruptly if it was working.
Call me a cynic, but it could have been a deliberate way to increase the price of a bag - flood the market with crap for a while until people will pay more for less. Even if that wasn't the intention, it certainly worked that way.
Either way, littlebiggy has been such a great find!
Cheers for your feedback/reminiscences guys!
it was the asain (Chinese / Vietnamese growers) they got completely pushed out by the Europeans Turks and Albanians.

With that the commercial grows got a little better… but even in Morden times can also be sprayed / added fake THC in these lower quality commercial grows. This is not common but possible.
I sadly remember these times dark times for cannabis..

The rumour was a lot of it started out as decent import from Holland… or home grown depending who you spoke to 😂

Then was cut with awful things such as sand, glass or spayed with silica..

I recall hearing that it caused fucked lungs, sand poisoning or ulcers… 😣

Sad and crazy times!!! ✌️💚
Jimmy Boco
Yeah I remember the bud itself was proper decent originally, smelled legit and looked legit until inspected further.
Was that the shit that was sprayed with some kind of acid etch chemical to make it appear frosty? Mouthfull of grit with every toke.....
Sounds like the shit covered in glass? It felt like smoking razor blades!
I had some of that once, and it must have been around this time. Took it back to the guy and never bought from him again. Only time I ever encountered it, and it didn't get to the stage of being smoked (well, not by me anyway!)
Yikes this sounds awful 😣
Jimmy Boco
Did anyone else experience that wet af Gambian weed that went around for a few years? I say Gambian because all the dudes that sold it were Gambian, we called it Gambo. They all got busted and deported at the same time I think because they seemed disappear overnight.
Jimmy Boco
Definitely remember this. My Belgian buddy at the time was surprised it took so long to land in the UK. I remember a few years after it was super common, I got a bit of bud that had a weird dusty residue. I could roll it in to hard little balls that burned super hot, hot enough to melt the top of my grinder. Can’t be good haha
Yep, I remember that stuff well. Never knew what it was sprayed with, but was presumably to bulk up weight - and make it look nice and frosty.

I gave up on 'bud' at that point and fell back on brick weed - the only alternative I could get at the time; commercial hash was still pretty terrible back then as well.

I got to the stage where I needed to roll joints bigger than my forearm just to get a buzz - and that much brick weed started killing my chest.

I made the call to give up cannabis altogether - after giving myself a couple of weeks to work out if I could get it online. It was early days, but I'd heard rumours...

Almost exactly 2 weeks later I had an oz of Canada's finest on my doorstep. Shortly followed by artisan, pre-legalisation Cali.

Haven't looked back since. Nor have I had to resort to standard dealers.

So for me, it was actually a blessing in disguise. I've been a very happy toker - and the envy of my toking mates, ever since.
Yep I remember the hard ash weed. Bad bad times 😅 luckily I was young enough for it not to cause any damage.. that I know of 😂 it was solid as a rock used to call it pebble weed. Started growing my own when I was about 17 so can probably thank the quality being so bad at the time for teaching me a new skill those were the days can’t risk it anymore to grown up 😆 also remember £15-20 8ths 🙃
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Meshuggah, Sikth, CB Murdoc, all for if you like something properly, properly heavy.
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