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For anyone who takes t breaks. How do use cope? I find myself with a ton of energy, sleepless, no appetite.

Cbd does help me with sleep, anxiety and the arthritis in my hand but I can’t help but just miss Mary Jane.

I only vape carts nowadays as I cant light big green ones up or rip my beloved bongs anymore as there are family in the house now who I care about and I can’t be stinking the gaff out. Although some of these carts off here and use know who use are absolutely stink!!!!! 🤣🤣

Anyway, just wanted to put this out there to ask how often people go on them an if they do at all and how they cope? I suppose it will make me feel better for future t breaks.

Its weird as some smokers I have worked with in the past have said to me when they run out of weed it doesnt bother them they just get on with it. But they smoke fags. I dont. I quit ciggies years ago. I suppose he just rolls a big fat amber leaf one up when hes missin mary j. I dno, id rather stick to cbd myself😫
How you keeping buddy ☺️
The first tbreak was disaster after 18 years of smoking without tbreak was tuff, all this cannabis post-syndrom is true I did have it, really hard to go through it, hot bottle on belly, some good full of protein chicken broth, CBD,- vaping, and never doing cold turkey, at least for me, graduet lower the amount what you smoke. I smoke only pure no tabaco maybe that way wirthrows are so bad?? Mostly smoking from glas pipe looking like crack pipe,lufka?🫣
But first 8 day is restless, your body is sweeting like pig, and smell is just unreal, sleepless nights.
Really help me YouTube video how to give up smoking, and reading the comments, making me see it other people problems like mine... hope this will make some sense. And there's app I think Czech app , how to give up smoking, is good 👍😊 very simple something to keep you going, counting your savings and days without smoking, and particular faze of your detox.
There is my few cents 😉
Man thanks for this I needed this today thank you for giving me your 10p on it. I don’t use tobacco. You are right thats why the withdrawals are probably so bad I suppose. Distillate in these carts ramps your tolerance right up😫🤣
No worries buddy ☺️ that the stoners community, in ideally world if everything would be legal, you would just go to coffeeshop and buy some landrace to keep you going, reduced amount what you smoke, like BBDoom said and Thedazzer rethink what you want to do, and I know this will sound owful but don't make tragedy from it this is not heroin or Meth the first few days are desater but you will go through it.
On YouTube there is Chanel call "addiction mindset" this guy is very good 👍😊 but read comments, it will put you in space with all other people in the same boat, you will not feel so abound. "Quite weed" that the app on apstore go for it, easy to use. Good luck 🍀🤞 with your journey, and ever other tea break after is much easier... no stomach pain or desoriantation, just shite 3 das and after is great 😃👍 ice baths or cold showers will give you think that you archives something, and your cotyzol will go away. But this maybe not straight way 🧐
I'm off it every fortnight for a few days.
best thing to do is try concentrating your time on others, clear your thoughts, try to be productive, natural dopamine will kick in if you do rewarding tasks.
For longer breaks, it'll take around 3 weeks for your dopamine levels to normalize and week two and three you'll feel pretty down, just the way it works.
Getting good vibes, euphoric dream states, heavy body highs and insane muscle relaxation, all this comes at a cost when you quit.
It's just the karma of the plant, no way round it, you're gonna miss her when she's gone.😁💙
Ah man thank you for this I just screen shotted what you said to keep for future reference. I honestly needed that advice. The way you put that there man you should write your own book on it serious. Thanks a bunch again 😉💚
I smoke / vape, miss weed and my body and mind does me in when forced into t break.

I’ll smoke a fuck tonne of cigs looking for that feeling, never getting it.

Cbd joints took most of the worst things away or made bearable.

Now I’m just being careful not to run out 😂
Hi Finbar

The problem is that what works for some won’t work for everyone. As you know.

In an ideal world I would love to do 3 weeks on and 1 week off. I have done this in the past and it works a treat.

The best advice that I can give you is distraction. Which I think is key. Concentrate on what works for you and you can only do that by trial and error.

You said it yourself carts put your tolerance into space 🚀.

Have you tried vaping ? I vape outside and when the kids are in bed. Still smells of course but no combustion. Which makes it worse.

Just have to say tho that the fact that sometimes your house smells of weed doesn’t mean you don’t care. (As long as there is no combustion) I don’t agree with that part and the fatty 💨💨
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