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Micron sizes and hash
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on  OldManEd
Thoughts on Cali weed a uk grower I'd like to throw in a few points. PGR (plant growth regulators) are mostly how you get these rock hard leafless buds.use of pgrs …
Charras, Manali, Parvati etc…
Here's hashasins 212 hash...mild on the brain but mellows the body out extremely well
on  {rap}
best wu tang member?
Not wu tang but most of the members were present in gravediggaz. The album niggamortis (6 feet deep) was and is one of the best albums ever to be put…
Next 3 people to order an ounce get a 5g filtered hash egg for free :)
This still on Nero? I wish these posts were dated...
Best EU hash on here ?
You sure do mate and very reasonably priced too!!
Tips on growing
Not kit but the best thing a new grower can do is JOIN UK420!! And if your gonna grow autos follow blackpool bouncers(quoted above) auto grow threads.…
Best weed strain you’ve ever smoked?
If you grow both those strains are available mate. They're both OLDTIMER1 strains who sadly is no longer with us but some good fellows have taken up t…
26939 I thank you for your excellent service tgt