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by  Lorna
Thank you
I wanted to publicly thank you. I use weed to deal with anxiety, it really helps me with appetite and sleep. Love the recreational effects but for me at least it is partly medicinal. I have had 5 orders now from these guys and every time the customer service has been exceptional along with the stealth and ND delivery every time.

Have bought a few of their top end hashes and they are all amazing along with 3.5g of the Bluntz which is also good, strong, clean weed, you can really tell the strains in it from the smell and flavour.

I have a LOT of buys from this site and I can tell you THC are up there with the very best of all time.

Anyway don't want to ramble on for ages, the peace of mind knowing I have got amazing hash so will be eating and sleeping well for a good while is pretty much priceless to me. The quality of life difference this makes is huge so a massive thank you to THC for your time, care and effort in everything you have done.
Hey Lorna,

Thank you for the kind words. These kind of posts/messages really make it worthwhile for us. I remember you're first message to us, we're so glad to hear the products are helping you enjoy a better quality of life.
As always we'll try our best to keep all of our customers happy and content by being approachable and supportive as we can.

Eating is something I never had a problem with, but sleep I do. Being able to sleep again feels like a luxury. There is the Default Mode Network and when that goes screwy all sorts of not fun stuff happens including depression.

The Default Mode Network is the brains resting state, I find weed (THC and maybe the Terps and CBD? ) helps put it into neutral so the stuff in my head stops spinning around for a while and I can sleep/watch a film etc.

I am definitely no expert on this but I prefer weed over things like Benzo's/Alcohol and Ketamine which also effect GABA receptors. Though alcohol doesn't help me sleep or relax at all. That is the issue with self medicating, you can't really do a double blind test.
spread love♥
Well said my friend! 😁👍
THC really do it all so well, and have a fantastic menu, top to bottom!
Thank you guys! 🫡💚
Authentic Cali Packs
Same day cut-off
by  Zeggybear
One of the Top Hash*dank*
How do you consume hash?