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No refund after 2 weeks
Have you got anywhere yet? I've only had very vague responses or been completely ignored after 5 days.
OG is back
I got so excited when I seen this post. I've got a week to wait til pay day but I'll be going mad when the time comes. What a menu to come back with t…
{buy help}
Am I right to be annoyed?
started topic + 6 more
Friday is here! Free 24 post
Banging stuff and an excellent vendor
on  jnicol65
Where has DIUK gone?
I threw an order in last Sunday night, marked as sent Monday and even got a response and nothing turned up. Understand the frustrations with regards t…
3 vendors that I have used so far
I found this place in January and The Green Team was the vendor that got me up and running with my orders on here and since then I have placed a lot o…
Does anyone actually feel any medical benefits from smoking?
Signed up to this place because one it means I am not relying on unreliable types at home and 2, most importantly my wife is a long suffering multiple…
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on  Ninja7227
Is it cheeky to ask?
I haven't ordered off you yet but having seen your page you have some of the best value about.
Best Episode of South Park?
Not watched it for a while and certainly unable to name specific episodes but I absolutely love the brutal satire of real people/events. Randy Marsh…
Welcome to our new store
My Bizcoff landed today. Phenomenal smoke. + 2 more
"Exclusive Giveaway: 1g Hash + 1g Bud for the First 5 Lucky LB Members!"
Why did the condom cross the road? Because it got pissed off. Apologies it's not weed related but it always gets me.
Blue Fire!
So good I went straight back in and got some more last time I had this. Really tasty heavy hitter.
Returning Vendor - Just saying hi to those that don’t know me 👋
Fair point that went over my head initially. + 2 more